Thursday, May 22, 2008

When it Rains It Pours

I don't wanna whine but a few readers have asked what was wrong. Between a mouse invasion (again), that scary business trip, and very close friend going through a sudden break-up, it's been a chaotic and stressful week. Add to that a surprise gas leak in my apartment all of which resulted in exterminators, supers, and construction types in and out all day for the past three days ~dust, debris, hammering, plastering, frightened cat (who enjoyed the mouse part more than I. Alas...).

I will probably be the last person on the planet to see Indiana Jones 4.* If this last bit sounds like a complaint, it isn't. Not seeing Indiana Jones is easier to live with than mice and gas leaks. Carry on, repairmen. Do your thing!

* I can always enjoy the Indiana Jones blog-a-thon from home instead

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