Friday, May 30, 2008

Technical Difficulties -Update

My relatively new computer has requested a leave of absence for medical reasons. I am officially without my constant gorgeous 20 inch companion. He is now in the clutches of the magical Apple elves in their castles made of glass. There's some pre-written blog nibbles coming but otherwise --it's hard to write without a computer --Book Club and Moulin Rouge! posts will have to wait til after my Disney trip and the guest bloggers have had their way with the place. Stay tuned.

misery loves company: What's the worst computer malfunction you've ever experienced?


Anonymous said...

"go see a movie" he says... can't! Roland Garros is on and Nadal is fighting his way to a record 4th consecutive victory!

and when that's over I have to catch up on last night's episode of Lost! ;o)

J.D. said...

LOVE the new banner, Nat. Just wanted to say that. :)

Anonymous said...

worst computer malfunction?

last September... I rushed to the airport after holidays in Spain and discovered to my dismay that I had left my laptop at my parents' house! My mom DHLed it to me a few days later, but the @$@$@ thing must have been pissed off at being vilely abandoned because when it arrived in Belgium it refused to start! Just an annoying "whirring" sound of trying to boot and not being able to. Despite candles to miraculous saints, deals with the devil and begging and pleading to university computer technicians, it was officially declared dead... and a replacement had to be found a.s.a.p. in order to continue writing my thesis. So a rainy return to Belgium after a summer in the sun was accompanied by a significant decrease in my meager savings, days spent transferring data from the external hard-drive to the new computer, finding software and learning how to use a Mac again after (suffering) 4 years on a PC.

Much happier now with my MacBook! May it never abuse me in such a vile manner! (at least not until I'm done with this bloody thesis)

Anonymous said...

my power cord broke on my six year old but still functional laptop and they dont make the part anymore. Silver lining:new mactop, nice

Anonymous said...

the last one was mine, i'm not used to this mousepad yet

RJ said...

Oh, my MAC hates me so it likes to break when projects are due.

Anonymous said...

A month ago or so, Windows just went off. Unrecoverable failure. Then format.

And no, I had no backup copies ;(. Every single thing, e-v-e-r-y single thing in my hard drive just disappeared. I guess it could have been worse, but I don't know how.


Robert said...

^^^^ooh, I can tell you how.

I had a new laptop a few years ago, and after 1 month, total system failure, everything lost.

Sent it in. Got it back. Better.

So I spent hours each day trying to remake my databases (including my complete list of every movie I've ever seen.)

Two months later, total system failure, everything lost.

NicksFlickPicks said...

The worst computer malfunction I have ever experienced was the Matrix series. All those gigabytes, all that soulless CGI, all that mumbo jubmo, and for what? Poor computers.

Anonymous said...

That was definitely worse, Robert ;)

I haven't had the energy nor time to try re-make my databases, Word documents and such. I have only recovered the pictures I had e-mailed. Oh, all those hundreds of pìctures you will never take again... After that, for a moment I thought about sending any picture I take to just anyone, lol, just to keep them in that limbo place that is your gmail account (by the way, Nathaniel, I sent you an e-mail -no, no pictures- just in case it is in your spam folder). But then, I discovered the wonders of USB pen drives and ever since, I keep thinking if this little wonder should replace La Pfeiffer in my own private altar.

And yes, I forgot, when the computer-fixing-guys sent me the budget, both DVD/Cd units weren't working either and I hadn't even noticed...

After reading/hearing such negative opinions on the Matrix series everywhere, I think I made myself a favour by watching only the first one. I've done the same with Star Wars, I haven't seen the prequels.

By the way, talking about computers and all that, I LOVED The IT Crowd show.