Friday, May 30, 2008

He's Not That Linked To You

Club Silencio Was Tony Leung placed in movies by the tobacco industry? A totally believable conspiracy theory!
European Films has a review of the Palme D'Or winner The Class (Entre les Murs)
<--- Purse Blog Kirsten Dunst's MiuMiu campaign. Not new but we've been neglecting Kiki. In other news the 'sphere is attacking her for claiming she went to rehab for "depression". Either way, I applaud her
ONTD Zooey Deschanel is touring this summer
Low Resolution
makes an important clarification about TV ladies

StinkyLulu hosts the Madeline Kahn Appreciation Day. If my computer weren't on the fritz I was going to write about Paper Moon
What to make of Sex & The City's box office prospects?
Hollywood Elsewhere on Sex & the City
The first hour especially is as garish and putrid and spiritually repulsive as can possibly be imagined without throwing up.
Is there ever this much vitriol for films about men?
Goatdog has seen almost every Best Picture nominee. Crazy
Fabulon, a great actressexual hangout, barely knows who Jessica Alba is. I am amused. (Incidentally I will be their guest blogger on 06/15)

Why am I posting the trailer for upcoming rom-com He's Just Not That Into You? Search me. Perhaps it has something to do with Ginnifer Goodwin getting a big role and my short-term (I hope) crush on Bradley Cooper and the outside shot that for once we'll get to see a Jennifer Connelly performance that doesn't involve moping and crying.

Pretty please.


Anonymous said...

Hey, yesterday you completely forgot to write about the 50th birthday of one of our favorite actresses! I'm afraid The Bening will be really furious...

Benji said...

Having watched almost all best Picture NOMINEES? Wow! And I pride myself that I have seen all Best Picture WINNERS except one (Cavalcade)...
I'd like to know how he gets his hand on all those old films....

Anonymous said...

Is there ever this much vitriol for films about men?

Wild Hogs?

Anonymous said...

Is there ever this much vitriol for films about men?

Damn good question. I've been asking myself a lot with this movie coming out. Though Hollywood Elsewhere is unusually good at hating women on a pretty regular basis.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

i'm always ready for more Drew. bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Is there ever this much vitriol for films about men?

Yes, if they are directed by Mel Gibson.

Nate Tyson said...

Yeah, sexism abounds in the reactions to SATC.

Imagine if it were flipped around:

"I saw Die Hard 4 with a Parisian audience, and I was ashmed of the 'middle class American male values' on display."

OH PUH-LEEZ. If you walked into the SATC movie expecting something other than fashion, materialism, and SJP...then you're a total idiot.

Anonymous said...

@ nate tyson

I agree 100%

some people take it way too seriously

I'm a dude and I have no desire to watch it but I realize this film is not about all american women.

Kamila said...

I really hope that "He's Just Not That Into You" makes Ginnifer Goodwin a star! The trailer looks so nice!

PIPER said...

Had me with Goodwin.

Lost me with Aniston.

Especially lost me when The Cure started chiming in.

Glenn said...

Lest we forget the case of Critics vs Marie Antoinette. For the the prosecution (the critics) TOO MUCH PINK!!! And for the defence (the movie) TOO MUCH PINK!!!

It's like critics don't even know the movies they're reviewing sometimes. Criticising Sex and the City for being too much about frivolity is like criticising Iron Man for being too much about iron (or whatever, I haven't seen Iron Man).

Anonymous said...

How is that any different then criticizing a Michael Bay movie for empty headed pyrotechnic?