Saturday, May 31, 2008

May. It's a Wrap

One thing I hate about the world of blogging / internet reading: everything disappears so quickly. It's the newspaper = fish wrap problem only with 'new media'... same as it ever was. I'm pretty pleased with the way the month went. I finally buckled down and reviewed some damn movies. So herewith, my ten favorite pieces from May... in case you missed any (oh, indulge me)

01 The Piano retrospective -the best film of the 1990s?
02 Network retro "That puts us in the shithouse. That's where that puts us"
03 Barbara's Revenge Dench is "chronically untouched" in Notes on a Scandal
04 Thank You For The Movie The Music ABBA live-blogged
05 Be Very Afraid Batman Begins... with mp3!
06 Arguably the Greatest Close-Up in the History of the Movies
07 Speed Failure -the undisciplined aesthetics of Speed Racer
08 Scarjo & Ryan body parts now legally allowed to marry!
09 Famke Jannsen from X3 to Turn the River. Nathaniel meets Phoenix!
10 April Showers Bring May Flowers I love pretty stars ...and photoshop

Coming in June: More Moulin Rouge!, The Incredible Hulk, A Touch of Evil, the kick-off to an Oscar Best Picture series, Julia, Magic Kingdom: While Nathaniel's away @ DisneyWorld the Guest Bloggers will play, The Curse of Chalion, TONY Awards, Geraldine Page appreciates Paul Newman's "hard gold" in Sweet Bird of Youth but I plan to appreciate Geraldine Page, Maurice, Monty Clift Off-Off Broadway, Wall-E ... and the usual cinematic fits and giggles.


Anonymous said...

Your retrospectives make me happy. When's the next fundraiser?


probably not for a good while. People don't like the begging ;) but you can always donate if you want (see sidebar) and it is my BIRTHDAY MONTH



p.s. clicking on sponsors is also helpful. If i had ads all the time i wouldn't need to ask for donations often but alas, the ads come infrequently. (it's sort of a shock to see 3 at once for this week after a month or two without)

clicking on ads on your favorite blogs --not just mine --totally helps your favorite bloggers statswise. just a PSA

Janice said...

If I click on an ad, do you get funds whether or not I by anything? I just click, and whatever happens after that, you still get credit? Just curious as to how these things work (without getting up to the nose - yet again - in unwanted spam) *cue monty python*


right. it's not a direct way to fund someone but if their readers show interest in the advertisement it ups their desirability as a place to advertise. (stats and all that)

sorry to both you others with behind the scenes office work ;)