Thursday, May 22, 2008

Me and You and Everyone We Link

Billy Loves Stu remakes some classics. Funny stuff
<--- Big Screen Little Screen feeds us info on the new Miranda July project Satisfaction. I can't wait... ))<>((
Too Many Projects hosting a Production Design blog-a-thon. Right at this very moment. Get decoratin'
Club Silencio "...just put a cigarette out on Juno"
/Film video clips from Synechdoche, New York
Film Brain
"Brains Not Required (or: Whither Subtlety)"
FOG has photos of the Met's Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy exhibit
Bubblegum Aesthetics has a huge researched piece on the various Iron Man / Tony Stark histories from the comic books

Row Three first image of Viggo from The Road [thx]
A Socialite's Life
Madonna @ Cannes. I love these photos because once Sharon Stone & Madonna were vaguely pop culture enemies. So maybe now they're frenemies?
Boy Culture boogies for Ellen DeGeneres & Portia deRossi upcoming wedding
Planet Fabulon remember her name... (hee)
Gallery of the Absurd "14" and her friend Jeff Polage have been cracking me up all month
Crazy Days and Nights why Whoopi is good at her job on The View
Self Styled Siren has a tribute to Jimmy Stewart for his centennial
Dear Jesus reexamines the Oscar winning The Tin Drum ... with a big bowl of spaghetti

And finally... a sentence I wish I'd written. It's from K Silem Mohammed's Lost in the Frame on Black Snake Moan
Still, in a contest between the film itself and its poster, the film doesn't stand a chance.
Damn those graphic designers!


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NicksFlickPicks said...

Just the title of this post made me laugh. And there's lots of great stuff here!


thx... although looking it over (and adding one) i thought to myself. Damn 16 links? It's like I'm a teacher who thinks my students don't have any other classes.


Anonymous said...

Denise Richards remains one of the hottest chicks out there. She hasn't changed since Wild Things. She looks ten years younger.