Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm Going To Disney World

True confession: I have never been to DisneyLand or Disney World. Despite my love for The Little Mermaid , Sleeping Beauty and a certain fondness for hunky toon princes, I've apparently led a Mickey-deficient life. Or my friends seem to think so. They've decided to take me for my birthday this year (June 6th) and I have no idea how to cinematically / emotionally / physically prepare for said journey.

Have you ever been?
__What should I watch to get a feel for it?
____What kinds of Disney-esque posts would amuse you?
__Do any "Prince Charming"s attend Gay Days?
Which rides are a must?

I am full of questions. Answer them.


J.D. said...

OMG, congrats, Nat! Better late than never, I guess. I hope it doesn't disappoint you!

*says a boy who's never gone either*

Michael Parsons said...

If I were to go back I would spend every day at Animal Kingdom (I could watch them all day) and every evening at Epcot Centre eating at a different country every night.

Oh the magic

Unknown said...

The only time I've gone to DisneyWorld is once my dad had a conference there. I was about 5. My mum apparently had to shower me with ice cubes because it was hellishly-hot.

On the other hand, I've gone to Disneyland about 5 times. Happiest place on Earth! (And a lot closer to home than Florida :P).

If it's as good as DisneyLand 8and it definetely is) you'll have the gr8est time ever!

adam k. said...

I used to go every year when I was little, cause we're just a 4-hour drive away. But I guess I haven't been in almost 10 years now. So I don't know if it's still anything like it was back when I went.

Definitely watch the princess movies, though. They'll help. Go to the Star Wars ride in MGM studios. Do the Tower of Terror. Make good use of Epcot Center; it's more adult-friendly. Definitely do the big Spaceship Earth ride. Cinderella's castle in Magic Kingdom is a staple, though if you're not that into Cinderella, you might not care.

I'm kind of jealous. I want to go there again. I even have a new teenage boyfriend (scandal) who's obsessed with Disney. So maybe I'll go with him...

adam k. said...

Yes, totally eat at all the countries!!! Mexico is my favorite. The restaurant is great, and there's a boat ride. You'll also want to do the Norway thing, since as I recall (correct me if I'm wrong) you have some kind of Scandinavian fetish/roots/interest.

Robert said...

Last time I went to Disney World it was an election year and to get into the spirit they were having an election for the Mayor of Main Street.

Winnie the Pooh vs Captain Hook.

Needless to say, Captain Hook was kicking ass. I thought it was funny... and telling.

Anonymous said...

Never been?! I've made to Disneyland (when I was 7, abominable snowman scared the shit out of me!), Disneyworld (was 11... a month before they opened several new attractions, v. frustrating) and Disneyland Paris twice (a bit closer to home for me).

My favourites were always the castles and the roller-coasters! Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain... thrills!!!

All you need to prepare is bring out your inner child! A healthy dose of classic Disney should help ;o)

Billy McLellan said...

As a season pass holder, i think i prefer disneyland. i like sleeping beauty better, for one, than cinderella, so seeing her castle is exciting. there's also more of a traditional feel to it i guess.
BUT, disneyworld does have a lot more in terms of attractions.
in terms of rides, i prefer the mountains (from favorite to least):
-Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, the Matterhorn

-Indiana Jones is also a blast (make sure to wait for the front driver seat! tell them you want it at the front of the line, they'll give it to you)

-In terms of kid rides, i think Peter Pan is my favorite, but Pirates is pretty classic too.

Anyway, I think you'll have a great time. Just remember to act like a kid, refresh on old-school disney movies, and stay hydrated! (dole whip floats are good if you're ever near the Polynesian resort). Ugh, there's too much to say! I guess I'll just end with a reminder that the place is pure magic. Take it all in.

Anonymous said...

I visited Disney World -- for the first time! -- about a month ago. Don't skip Epcot. Ride the "Soarin'" ride at least twice. It's not Disney-themed, but cinematically and viscerally it is incredible. Imagine an IMAX theater-turned-roller coaster. Like I said: Incredible.

To prepare for the Magic Kingdom, DON'T watch Sleeping Beauty. You'll be disappointed by her utter absence from the park (except for chance autograph opportunities).


wait i can get Aurora's AUTOGRAPH.

will she sign it with the blood from her finger prick?

Anonymous said...

Hie thee to a bookstore and pick up "Queens in the Kingdom," a gay traveler's guide to the Magic Kingdom in all its glory. I do know one of the cowriters, but it's honestly an indispensable guide to Disney, et. al. even if you're not a fairy.

Anonymous said...

MUSTS: Magic Kingdom - the Mountains, Jungle Cruise, Pirates..., Buzz Lightyear, the Haunted Mansion, and most of Fantasyland (which skews toward toddlers, but it's all magically necessary for a first Disney visit)
Epcot - Mission: Space, Ellen's Energy Adventure, Test Track, Soarin', Honey I Shrunk the Audience, and at least walk through (and eat at!) most/all the countries in the World Showcase
Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM) - Muppet Vision 3D, Rock'n'Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror (at least twice - best ride at Disney), and the Great Movie Ride (duh)
Animal Kingdom - Kilimanjaro Safari, Kali River Rapids (if you're okay with getting wet), Expedition Everest, Dinosaur, and It's Tough Being a Bug

You can skip the water parks (though if it's Gay Days...maybe not...), and if you're to see a 'show' I'd say the best is Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios (though the stunt show there during the day and the Indiana Jones show are both pretty awesome).

Ummm...yeah, you can tell I've been there too many times (10 times! and i'm only 23...) - but good luck and don't stress out. Enjoy - you've earned it!

par3182 said...

i'm sure there are a selection of rides at gay days that aren't available at other times of the year, so it's hard to recommend...

are you going because this is a milestone birthday?


no one of my friends goes regularly and he asks me to every year but i always say no and this year he said he was taking me for my birthday


i shall take in these suggestions.

Cengiz said...

Oh wow. Nate's coming over!!! To exciting. As far as Prince Charming as concerned...I'll be there so theres that. To get into the gay days spirit in Disney, you should do a post about gay themes in Disney cartoons (i.e. Mulan dressing up as a boy, the Aliens in Lilo and Stitch that live together (and one likes to dress up in woman's clothes), etc.) I have ben there a lot as a child and go when I get the chance. But again I'll be there tis year (somewhere in the madness).

Dead Robot said...

Stay one night for the fireworks.

Don't miss: Soarin', Mission to Mars (do the spinny one!) Conversation with Crush, eat at the German pavilion, The Yeti ride, Space Mountain, tea cups. Hell do it all if you can.

I went for the first time a couple years back and this 42 year old grump turned into a saucer-eyed 5 year old. We did nearly every ride.

Consider your "red shirt" carefully for Gay days. The husband and I wore home made t-shirts of pictures of each other as 6 year olds with "I Married Him" under it. Big hit.

Best guide to get is Birnbaum's Walt Disney World.

Good luck finding all the "hidden Mickeys"!

So envious...

Pedro said...

Well, I prefer Universal/Islands of Adventure. The Hulk rollercoaster, Spiderman 3d, The Mummy, Shrek 4d (or something like that) are among my favorite rides.

As for shows, Fantasmic in MGM (now Hollywood) studios is fantastic. I also recommend La Nouba in Downtown Disney.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I haven't been there in years...but I got laid for the first time right after I left the Disneyland grounds the last time I visited. I have no idea what is still there, but the two classics, "Pirates of the Carribean" and "The Haunted Mansion" are classics for a reason (and not because of the movies). Don't miss, if they are available.

N.B.: there will be queueing. Be sure to bring "The Curse of Chalion" with will have ample time to read it.

Anonymous said...

Do not miss Soarin' , Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, The Haunted Mansion.
Tower of Terror is terrifying if you aren't afraid of falling.
Must do Peter Pan, and Mr.Toad's (very perverse) Wild Ride. Literally goes to Hell.
Leave enough time for Epcot at night.
It sounds like you are already going with an expert so, have fun!!

Michael B. said...

I'm going not to try to repeat anything, but don't forget FANTASMIC....Its superb and you will get the whole soundtrack thing stuck in your head...

Nick M. said...

Please, please read Umberto Eco's "Travels in Hyperreality" before you go.

It will make your experience of Disney World so much richer than any one ride could.

Anonymous said...

My family and I go once a year. No better place to watch a child in absolute wonder.

So that would be my advice. Without seeming too pervy, take some time to people-watch, especially children. If that can't bring a smile to your face, nothing will.


Anonymous said...

heya Nate,

been a big fan of your site for a few years now...just wanted to pass a little info along that i thought might interest you.
i know your schedul for your disney trip is probably pretty full...but Margaret Cho will be performing at the Hard Rock Hotel in orlando june 6th and her special gust will be Kelly of "kelly likes shoes".
If you haven't heard of Kelly check out her page
Just seems like to me you'd be a M. Cho fan so i thought i'd tip you off.

p.s. i'd love to hear your opinion of Kelly cause i think she/he's hilarious

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi... just happen to cross your site...

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I will definitely take tones of photos there!!!