Monday, May 19, 2008

She's very discreet... but she will haunt your dreams

My favorite celebrity photo of the week [source] is below. Here we see crazy-ass Sharon Stone speaking at some event while Jane Lynch (from Christopher Guest's mockumentaries) looks on in admiration.

Jane always crack me up and here I imagine that she's about to sing Sharon a few bars of that Guatamalan ditty that she delivered to Steve Carell with such lustful comic zeal in The 40 Year-Old Virgin, practically groping him with her voice. Jane can sing to me any time she likes even if the lyrics are as nonsensical as they supposedly were there
Whenever they clean my room, I can't find anything/Where are you going with such haste?/To a football game [src]


Jason Adams said...

Dude, I literally almost choked on my lunch reading those translated lyrics. I'd never known what they meant until now. Jane Lynch rules.

Anonymous said...

is sharon a lesbian.



Anonymous said...

you can't forget her awesome role in Arrested Development!