Thursday, May 15, 2008


Guardian and The Telegraph round up disconcerting business surrounding the Cannes '08 kickoff.
Glenn Kenny kicks off his new blog "Some Came Running" (post Premiere gig) by reporting direct from Cannes. Nice work if you can get it
RT expect the Blindness tomato-meter to be in the what percentile now? Too few reviews yet
NY Post has an interesting tidbit on Blindness test screenings (don't go if you are avoiding spoilers) prior to its Cannes bow

The Cinematic Art "The Curious Case of Woody Allen" -good stuff
Reverse Shot likes Reprise (I love it. I'll keep telling you so) but predicts dire things for Joachim Trier, the director
Filmmaker Magazine has an article up that you cinematography nuts will love
Donald Soffritti
illustrates some old folks years for those eternally young superheroes. Sweet, huh?

Go Speed Racer Go
I had fun writing about it . Here's more from others...
A Socialite's Life Emile Hirsch has fired his agent. Sure Speed Racer tanked but didn't this agent also get him Into the Wild and Milk? There must be more to the story.
Correct Opinion looks at its box office and predicts that Narnia 2: The One With the Prince will join it in the summer flop-house
i09 asks if it's too "gay". Er...

Speed & Trixie: their outfits match their rides, it's true

Keith Uhlich thinks it bears noting that it opened the same day as The Fall.
Dennis Cozzalio defends Speed Racer and examines the entertaining critical fray. But I'm horrified to hear a plea for Days of Thunder (1990) in his mixology... one of the worst movies of its time as I recall. The only thing I can remember about it, other than my seething disgust, was the scene in which Nicole Kidman (who played a brain surgeon) shoved her patient (Tom Cruise) against the wall head-first so as to violently kiss him, POST SURGERY. That movie is stoopid. It does have an awesome theme song, though. Maria McKee's "Show Me Heaven" was its soundtrack smash if I remember 1990 correctly. Do I? Were you there?


Jason Adams said...

Regarding Days of Thunder, my one memory of that film is the strange scene where Tom Cruise's friend hires a whore to impersonate a cop and pull TC over and inappropriately fondle him, complete with strange shot of TC's jean-clad possibly - probably - fake erection, of course.

I would say it's weird that your just bringing that film up makes that image immediately pop into my brain, but... that's not weird at all, knowing the way my brain works. Sigh.

Janice said...

the one bit I remember is Kidman's "infantile egomaniacs" rant - rowwrrrr.

I haven't seen SR and don't plan to, but the divergent opinions are fascinating (and the fact that so many people are talking about it, and so passionately, on either side of the fence, must mean there is SOMETHING there to talk about, non? Whereas almost nobody is talking about the pro-american, anti-arab jingoism of Iron Man...). Dennis' review and summary of divergent opinions actually reminds me of the reaction to another film starring Nicole Kidman - namely, Moulin Rouge: it was also called dizzying, headache inducing, edited in a blender, shallow and insincere, a messy patische, too bright and colorful and, yes, too "gay". (Although I don't think the word "gay" was spoken outright, but the implication was certainly there.)