Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wolverine sans Wolverine

I rarely post exclusive "on set pics" because I am not aint-it-cool-news and I don't have millions of Hollywood insiders sending me sticky-fingered images from sets, damnit. So if you work in Hollywood and you read this site (I know you're out there. I get e-mails) throw me a bone once in a while.

Reader crazycris sent me these pics from location filming on Wolverine. She fumbled when Hugh Jackman arrived so he does not appear. But my hands don't do as they're told either when he's around so I get that and forgive.

Here we have a chopper and a crane that will be blowed up real good during the action sequence. Where Wolverine goes, destruction follows. You know how he do, bub. One assumes the chopper will be chasing him.

Then we have a barn that was supposedly built just for the film. Think it survives the chase? And here is a prep tent for cast and crew --lunchtime! Hugh Jackman, the man himself, is deep in the shadows here. Don't get too excited. Really hard to see him.

Road block to hold up curious civilians with cameras as they filmed a motorcycle chase with explosions. I think Cris included this second picture just to make you jealous that you've never been to New Zealand before. That's what it says to me at least. Sure is purty.

And finally what we have here is (Cris believes) Logan's bike for the action sequence. It's rather plain... but I bet it looks hotter with Hugh Jackman topping it. Maybe it gets blowed up, too?


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elgringo said...

The bike does look a little plain, but for as rough/rugged/everyman as Wolverine can be, I could see it working. Wonder if he'll do any sweet McQueen jumps over barbed-wire fences?


Li Wen said...

That landscape is just stunning. Superhero comics is such an urban genre, it's nice to have that chance of pace, to see nature as a character of itself.

RC said...

pretty cool.

and i think a plain bike is totally called for...her not WolverineMan coming out of the WolverineCave riding the WolverineMobile.

Michael Parsons said...

"but I bet it looks hotter with Hugh Jackman topping it"

Whatever do you be Nathaniel?

Anonymous said...

I can testify as to the gorgeousness of the landscape... but if it's supposed to take place up in Canada (with the backdrop of the equally stunning Rocky Mountains), why go to other side of the planet to film it?! (admission of bias: the canadian rockies are one of my favourite places on this earth!)

Wolverine seems to pick up his bikes as he goes along (X-men 1 anyone?), so a non-descript one seems appropriate... Doesn't matter anyway, Hugh Jackman looks hot on anything! Even just standing by the roadside with those scary sideburns on his face! ;o)

I any case... I can't wait to see that helicopter crash and that farm be blown up!!! :p

Anonymous said...

oh and that "landscape" pic was to show the extent of their campout with trailers, mess area etc... seemed pretty massive to me!

if I'd wanted to tease you about the landscape Nat I have MUCH better pictures... (think LOTR) ;o)

Anonymous said...

Ka Pai Nathaniel!