Sunday, May 16, 2010

20,000 Links Under the Sea

Daily Transom Ebert to pen memoir in high six figure deal.
In Contention looks at how Robin Hood (2010) got all mucked up in development.
Guardian an explicit erotic drama starring Emmanuelle Béart and her husband shunned by Cannes. Ugh. How will we ever see it now? They are so so pretty.
Movie|Line suggests that executives pounce on the Cannes hot ticket 101 year-old Manoel de Oliveira.

The Atlantic a tale of two comebacks: Mickey Rourke and Robert Downey Jr.
Cinema Blend
Lana Wachowski and Andy Wachowski (of The Matrix fame) may be making a hard R gay military romance drama? Interesting.
Just Jared Tarsem Singh on Henry Cavill (in his new picture The Immortals) "Hey, I'd f*** him."
A Socialite's Life Tom Munro's celebrity portrait book. If I had a gajillion dollars I'd always have these big glossy photo books lying around.
Quiet Earth nsfw clips from the new Gregg Araki flick Kaboom.
i09 Every time i even see a new clip from a Twilight movie I want to see them even less. How is this possible? Here's Dakota Fanning all red eyed and quietly evil if you're into that.

Finally, The Hollywood Reporter shares yet another project for David Fincher. This time he'll be remaking the adventure film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. 20,000... brings Fincher's future features in development to a grand total of 12 (according to IMDb). I guess that $125 domestic gross for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button got Hollywood all horny. The first of the dozen we'll actually see is the Facebook story The Social Network which should be completed anytime soon. Remember when David was still making music videos. Or when people thought his feature career was doomed before it began due to Alien³'s reception (so underrated) or when he couldn't get arrested at the Oscars despite making films as good as Zodiac and Fight Club. Ancient history!

Wonder how much money the studio will give Fincher for the octopus alone? Water movies are notoriously expensive to make (Waterwold... Titanic... The Abyss...) so I bet this gets an even crazier budget than Button to begin with and then we'll hear endless internet reportage about it's ballooning disastrous budget during production.


Morgan Leigh Davies said...

The trajectory of Fincher's career depresses me. I watched Zodiac recently, which I had never seen, and it made me realize just what a ridiculous step it was for him to do Benjamin Button. I mean, I had realized at the time that he was selling out by doing it, but after watching Zodiac -- which I loved -- it really struck me. This one looks to be another step down. Hey, maybe The Social Network will be interesting... but I'm not really betting on it.

Robert Hamer said...

I completely agree, Morgan. If you had told me in the summer of 2008 that I would be rooting against David Fincher's first Academy Award-recognized film, I would have called you crazy.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

I feel like the only person in the world who loves Zodiac and Benjamin Button equally. I'm appalled at the snub for the former, and I think he should have won for the latter. Two of the greatest films of the last decade.

James T said...

The name "Fincher" has tired me a little. Projects, projects...
Spielberg's case is even worse. Harvey will not happen, Lincoln is up in the air... I want to see actual movies guys. I don't want to just hear your names all the time.

FrenchGirl said...

is Fincher the new leo Dicaprio of directing? (Dicaprio has 25 movie projects on IMDB !)

about the news,it's the most surprising movie news of the month!!Disney+Fincher+Jules Verne= ???

FrenchGirl said...

and always about Fincher,unless it's not a new serial killer thriller movie for him(it's so predictable!)

BillBill said...

The first film I saw Mickey Rourke in was "Body Heat," and I remember going, who is this guy and when can I see more of him? As sultry and trashy as William Hurt and Kathleen Turner were in it, it was Mickey Rourke that left the biggest impression. I'm glad he's having a career resurgence now, but we lost a lot of great performances from Rourke in his drug-filled years. It's sad seeing the toll of that hard living on his face and body now. He's better than disposable fare like "Iron Man 2," and for my money, he should have won the Oscar for "The Wrestler." That was a nice write-up about him and Robert Downey, Jr. (whose smug mug I can't f-ing stand).