Wednesday, May 12, 2010

David and Go Linketh

Rants of a Diva "Cate Blanchett scares me"
ONTD Sir Ian McKellen mistaken for homeless beggar
The Pixar Blog feature film newt (2012) cancelled? Awww. I love those wee things
The Evening Class Luise Rainer at 100 years of age (!) attends a screening of her Oscar-winning The Good Earth (1937)
Fin de Cinema collects gorgeous movie posters from Cannes

Restoration Claudia Shear, who previously wrote that acclaimed Mae West play Dirty Blonde is back on stage with this drama about a woman restoring Michelangelo's The David. I saw it in previews. Good stuff.
/Film When I first heard the news that Brad Pitt would be starring in The Tiger I heard the name Darren Aronofsky and immediately replaced it with David Fincher. Which has happened to me three times now!!! And which is SO strange because I've been a fan of both since their first films. Why do I keep doing this. They're really not that much alike.
CHUD David Cronenberg's next project Cosmopolis has its starry cast.

I confess between Fincher & Cronenberg and the "will Nailed ever be finished?" stories swirling about David O'Russell and the fact that I keep removing Darren Aronofksy's name from all conversations and replacing it with one of these three, the David Projects continue to utterly disorient me. I keep getting them mixed up. The movies and the men. Let's see with the three Davids and the honorary David known as Darren we've got: The Tiger, Nailed, Cosmopolis, Jackie, The Dangerous Method, The Fighter... which one is coming when and from whom? Argh.

If your name is David or Darren or if you know anyone with those names you are required to comment on this link roundup. It's only right.


Noecitos said...

My boyfriend is called David and it was him who introduced me to this site.


i love this story. i wonder if anyone has ever met through this site?

Jason Adams said...

Nat it's actually Brad Pitt and Darren Aronofsky, not David Fincher, that're teaming up for The Tiger.



Andrew R. said...

Newt cancelled? Aw. (Please don't make Cars 3 instead...ugh.)

Luise Rainer's win for Great Ziegfeld-not a bad pick. Her win for Good Earth-WTF? She's the oldest surviving Oscar winner...and the first recipient of the OSCAR CURSE! DUN DUN DUN!

Some of those Cannes posters show films that aren't listed on Wikipedia. (I know, I should check a reliable source. Whatever.)

billybil said...

The only David I know goes by Dac so no problem there.

Mirko said...

Luise Rainer's winning for THE GOOD EARTH prevented Garbo or Dunne becoming Academy Award Winner. and I also preferred her previous winning performance (ah, the phone call scene!!!)

but I like Rainer's way and it's inspiring that 100 years old person is still so energetic. what a pity that her career post-oscar hasn't been so brillant and that not just for Oscar curse (for example she answered NO to a Fellini's offer to appear in italian maestro's masterpiece LA DOLCE VITA)

FrenchGirl said...

my surname is David and i have a crush with David Fincher's voice:when i have an insomnia,i listen Fincher 's audio commentaries for "benjamin Button" and i sleep after 10 min of commentary( i believe i yet wrote here)

Volvagia said...

As for Cosmopolis: I see it. I actually see it. It's a fair sized novel that takes place in a day, plus the author hasn't been adapted before, eliminating the novel's main criticism, "DeLilo's done this before and he's done it better." If happens, it means that 2 of Harold Bloom's "Big 4 Americans" have been broached by "Big American Directors." (The "Big 4 Americans" are: Cormac McCarthy, Don DeLilo, Thomas Pynchon and Philip Roth. Roth would be an easy fix, so long as the right director was interested. (Van Sant? S. Coppola? F.F. Coppola? Any director with a sense of human empathy?) Pynchon, though, would be the toughest. I've read Pynchon's stuff and, well, only Terry Gilliam (Both Brit and American) would even dare touch the volatile mixture. Pynchon works in giant, vulgar, literary, historical screwball-fantasies as only Gilliam could possibly realise as films.)

Michael Guillen said...

Always appreciate the shout-outs, Nathaniel, thank you.