Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cannes Review: Outside the Law

Robert here, scouring the internet to give you the latest on the films premiering in Cannes. It's Saturday, so only a few reviews are trickling in.

In Competition

  •  Outside of the Law Rachid Bouchareb who directed the Oscar Nominated Days of Glory returns with another film about Algerian struggles, this time following three brothers.  As is par for the course this year, reviews are mixed.  Time Out London likes it, calling the film "An impressive achievement as an engaged entertainment and a powerful rallying cry."  ScreenDaily is less entralled. "The film is handsomely produced and always watchable even while the clichéd story built around the history threatens to derail it," is their take.  The House Next Door is very unenthralled saying "what is necessary in order to enjoy Outside the Law is a hearty appreciation of cliché and preachy hand-wringing."
    Un Certain Regard
    • The Un Certain Regard competition which I admit got a little away from me as reviews got harder and harder to find, never the less has a winner.  IndieWIRE has more.
    Finally IndieWIRE clues us in to the critics poll of the best films this year at Cannes.

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    NATHANIEL R said...

    i could've sworn this posts had comments earlier. Blogger is seriously f'ing up lately.

    i'd love to hear from readers who saw DAYS OF GLORY? should i see it on DVD?