Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Twilight Saga as interpreted by the Cannes Film Festival

Behold, the Cannes jury!

from left to right: Tim Burton (Jury President and Johnny Depp's #1 Fan), Alberto Barbera (Italian film festival biggie), Victor Erice (Spanish Director of the acclaimed Frankenstein picture The Spirit of the Beehive), Giovanna Mezzorgiorno (Award-winning Italian actress, Vincere recently boosted her international profile), Emmanuel Carrere (French writer), Alexandre Desplat (composer and last minute juror... this man must never sleep or have several clones of himself given his workload), Benicio del Toro (Oscar winning Puerto Rican actor and werewolf), Shekhar Kapur (Indian director of Elizabeth fame), and Kate Beckinsale (British hottie, vampire who hates werewolves).

Danger! Benicio's getting way too close to Beckinsale.

You know Tim Burton wants to direct this battle. Or at least art-direct the buildings and landscapes surrounding the battle. And though Desplat sorta already scored it (The Twilight Saga: New Moon) he'd have to toss that out like a temp track and find Danny Elfman for the real thing.

This jury is positively supernatural... frankenstein, werewolves, vampires.

<--- But monster mash aside, Kate Beckinsale knows how to make an entrance, doesn't she? It looks like she's stepping out of a technolor musical and floating seamlessly onto the most prestigious of film festival red carpets. Or like she's a model in one of those color fashion interludes in a black and white comedy like The Women (1939), maybe.


Robert said...

I'm interested in seeing what this jury selects. It's worth noting that there is a film in competition that's very loosely based off Mary Shelly's Frankenstein.

To my knowledge nothing with vampires or werewolves though.

Jude said...

Kate Beckinsale and Catherine Zeta Jones have to be some of the most glamorous movie stars of the 21st century. Love the glamour girls ! (sorry, PETA)


why was Kate wearing fur?


i meant to write

Why? was Kate wearing fur?

i didn't see fur but maybe there was something i didn't see

Lorenzo said...

Sorry Nat, but it's GiovannA Mezzogiorno, not Giovanni... Giovanni is masculine, Giovanna is feminine, they are the italian equivalents for John and Joan.

(Mezzogiorno, by the way, means Midday)

Lara said...

Kate Beckinsale wears the same dresses over and over again. Always a tight bodice with an overly puffed frock. Preferably in a pastel colour. Sorry, that's not glamourous , it's boring. She should really try something different for a change.


Lorenzo... i do actually know the difference. T'was but a typo. thanks for catching.