Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cannes Tweets/Treats: Young Hollywood Edition

With Cannes's final weekend approaching people are probably leaving town. At least that's the way it happens at other festivals. The only thing exciting left (unless there's a late breaking hit or polarizing cause) is the awards and the first ever Queer Palm which could go a few different ways. But here's a few more tweets and eye candy treats for you.

Dominic Cooper = sex? | Ryan & Michelle are now dating

The Beautiful People
@onthecroisette "Dominic Cooper is provoking pansexual heatwaves in my row."
@snooptom "Pas d'Araki pour moi, je resterai sur le Dolan, "une éphémère vacuité addictive" / 20 ans, 2 films en un an, 2 Cannes, je te hais, BRAVO!"
@AwardsDaily "Am always amazed by the perfect symetry of some actors' faces. Ryan Gosling is so blindingly good looking. Michelle Williams too."
@guylodge "EXCLUSIVE Cannes fashion report: Mike Leigh favours red-soled Campers with yellow socks. You heard it here first."

Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet (Love Songs) and Xavier Dolan (Heartbeats).
Young Hollywood if YH spoke French and made bisexual auteur flicks

Le Cinema
@cobblehillis POETRY (Lee Chang-dong): Splitting hairs to say it's no SECRET SUNSHINE because it's still terrific, devastating & (sorry for this:) poetic.
@guylodge "Anyway, a second helping of "Certified Copy" only enriched the film. People will be studying it for years. Binoche's final scene slays me.
@mattnoller "Trying to write up BLUE VALENTINE, I keep typing BLUE VELVET instead. Boy I wish."
@ZeitchikLAT "Why can't Americans make movies like CARLOS? The best we could do is Munich.."
@akstanwyck "Cannes' The Myth of the American Sleepover vs. Shit Year: One Sings, the Other Doesn't: I'm allergic to pretension..."

Every time I tire of Carey Mulligan as FASHIONISTA, she wins me back
VERY Young Hollywood: Faith Wladyka is terrific in Blue Valentine.

The Random
@MattDentler "So, the Cannes Film Festival will stream the "Lost" series finale inside the Palais this weekend, right?"
@mattnoller "
Feeling a strange craving for a hot dog. Might be that I'm sitting three feet away from Jeff Wells."

if you didn't get that last joke... read the previous Cannes tweet report

Time to say au revoir but before that, let's all wish Lindsay Lohan well. She's "lost" her passport in Cannes i.e. in trouble again. Will Lost His/Her Passport become the new Hospitalized For Exhaustion? I've said it before and I'll say it again: We'll know that Lindsay has finally pulled herself together when she stops messing with her beautiful red hair.

Lindsay at a party rather than a film. Bien sur.

If her mane is blond or black or any color wheel slot save red, it's a sure sign she's trying to escape herself. So saith I, Nathaniel, unlicensed Armchair Psychologist to the Stars Actresses. Deal with your issues LiLo and get back to acting. It's something you're good at. When people have such things, they really ought to focus on them. It's a lifestyle choice that guarantees rewards. Not always sensational or exciting rewards but rewards nonetheless.

Bien à toi


Anonymous said...

Nate, you crack me up. LiLo is a lost cause, methinks.


Craig said...

Am getting a young Judi Dench vibe off of Carey Mulligan the more I see her photos and in films . . . .

verninino said...

I'm hoping one day she'll wake up and begin the kind of charmed metamorphosis that Robert Downing Jr underwent.

But then I read reports of her narcissistic enabling parents and I think she'll die ungracefully and be forgotten long before she's done anything worthy of deifying. Which is sad when you consider how glamorously she once promised to shine.

Such a waste of shine.

aclp said...

Ryan Gosling is probably the sexiest creature alive on the entire planet. Lucky Michelle- Heath and Ryan.

( I really like Michelle so I'm happy for her and not at all jealous)

eduardo said...

ugh... for some reason i can't stand that Cooper guy, he looks like an arrogant and obnoxious prick

NoNo said...

As much as Ryan and Michelle look lovely together, I just loved him with Rachel McAdams. They won me over with that kiss at the MTV Movie Awards.

If they're so set on that damn release date, I hope they at least show the film at NYFF, Toronto, and Telluride to keep the conversation going. I wish them both well. They're both still pretty underrated actors.

rosengje said...

I agree that he looks kind of arrogant, but Dominic Cooper completely won me over in An Education. So he gets a pass.


something is wrong with these comments. it says 7 but there are only 2 :(

but what a lovely two they are. thanks Jason & eduardo.

jason -- you're probably right. but every once in a while i allow myself a depressing moment of hoping.

eduardo -- i can see that. though i am undecided.

James T said...

Yes, all blogs are getting confused by the comments. And it's only getting worse. In another post, it wrote 2 and there were none.

Can we sue I'm thinking about money all the time :p

Chris Na Taraja said...

ok, i admit it....i'm in love with Ryan Gosling, i am.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Amanda....I'm jealous of Michelle...don't act like your all smiles now!

Burning Reels said...

Very entertaining post Nathaniel.

Are Ryan and Michelle really together?

That could be a very decent fit...

Excited about the Kiarostami film, although I must admit my intake of his filmography is fairly limited - any recommendations?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what it is but I just hate Xavier Dolan's face.


anon -- is it the perma smirk? he does seem very proud of himself!

Anonymous said...

He's just seems like such arrogant prick.

Chris Na Taraja said...

This smells like a "studio couple" fix up moment here.

Franco Marciano said...

Xaiver suits me just fine. :-)

Janice said...

Ryan Gosling is "blindingly good looking" and has an incredibly "symmetrical" face? Really? Am I missing something? Talented he is, yes indeed (who else could have made Lars and the Real Girl something other than a sick joke?), and sexy but - it's his assymmetricality and "ordinary" looks (compared to, say, young Brad Pitt, etc) that actually help make him a striking presence IMO.

JULI said...

Carey looks so hot in that pic, I am happy her hair is growing back, hated her Spock look from last season. Much better as a blond.

aaand yes, Gosling is a GOD :)

Sheila King said...

I don't find Ryan Gosling particularly good looking. He has enough presence, cleverness, and wit to be sexy though. He has these tiny little bitty eyes and that long face and wimpy thin lips, though. I'm more than willing to let Nathaniel have him. Sexy without sensual isn't enough for me.

P Ropecia said...

They seem to be luckiest couple on the planet. That is good for them. But they are looking little arrogant.