Monday, May 24, 2010

First and Last 3.39

the first image after the opening credits and the last image before the closing credits

If you still can't guess it highlight this first & last screenplay clue
first: [a woman screaming]
last line [V.O.]: "That would be miracle enough, wouldn't it?"

Can you guess the movie?

Highlight for the answer: It's AGNES OF GOD (1985)


Anonymous said...


Jeff said...

That's me above - hit ANONYMOUS by accident. So excited I finally got one. 100% confident. For some reason I know that movie backwards and forwards. Was entranced by Meg Tilly in this movie.

Chris Na Taraja said...

I was going to guess something else, but I'm going with Jeff now. I think I remember that image in the opening of AGNES OF GOD.

Meg Tilly was great, but I wish I had seen Amanda Plumber in the original Broadway production. Guess I can still go to the Entertainment Library, where they have almost every broadway show taped!

Beau McCoy said...

What entertainment library is that, Chris?


Chris -- i need to start using that resource. so much history to be sampled.

JEFF -- YOU ARE CORRECT. well done. though did you need the screenplay hints? The pictures are so nondescript in a way. well, maybe not hte opening building.

Liz said...

I'm with Beau on this. Pray tell, what is this library of which you speak?

Jeff said...

Nat - I honestly didn't use the clues. I know the last scene of that movie like the back of my hand. When Agnes is up in the bell tower singing and she grabs a dove and lets it loose and it flies out into the distance. 1985 was the first year of movie going where I started to take it seriously. I loved Agnes of God, even though the reviews were tepid. And I had Jane Fonda's speech at the end memorized for a long time.