Wednesday, May 12, 2010

French Tweets #1: Cate, Robin Hood, Market Titles

Robert begins his daily Cannes roundup tomorrow afternoon and Julien you'll hear from soon directly from France. I'll pop in occassionally with snippets for those of you who aren't tweeting or are just plain desperate to see what Cate Blanchett is wearing.

Here are my nine favorite recent tweets from Cannes

You know @guylodge of In Contention (made breathless by the Blanchett) and Sasha from AwardsDaily well. I believe both of them are at Cannes for the first time this year. Maybe next year or the year after or the year after (when will my ship come in?) I'll be able to pop my Cannes cherry. @jamesrocchi is totally worth following if you aren't already.

Tweets from @anupamachopra on market titles (always a curious bunch of films), slashfilm (everyone seems to think this Robin Hood is problematic) and @akstanwyck from Thompson on Hollywood who asks if Russell Crowe's arrogance surprises.

Um... Is this a trick question?

@scott_tobias from the AV Club and @gemko from The Man Who Viewed Too Much share Robin Hood concerns.

But yes... yes... Blanchett. You're here for the pictures of the red carpet queen.

Cate at the photo call | Cate at at the premiere

She is beautiful in 3 dimensions, though only 2 are represented her... and in Robin Hood for that matter. (Ridley Scott could not attend the festivities due to recent surgeries so we wish him well.)


Marsha Mason said...

I'm just surprised anyone puts Russell Crowe in a position where he can dominate in the first place. Wasn't his career over 5 years ago or so?

Unknown said...

The poor critical response to Robin Hood is SO. PREDICTABLE. Brushes a little too close to American principles--namely, patriotism and democracy--and the liberal smart set gets an immediate sour taste. But Green Zone had powerful things to say beneath its inanity! And Iron Man 2 was futile, but also FUN! Puh-leeze.

Mirko said...

Blanchett is awesome as Lady Marian but the movie is so uninteresting if well done and quite entertaining.

I'm afraid that bbc series is better and 1991 had at least a spectacular bad guy thanks to Alan Rickman

I wish Scott the best, even I would like to be amazed by him again (maybe Alien prequel? maybe THE KIND ONE starring the awesome Casey Affleck? who knows?

vg21 said...

Thanks for the post, Nathaniel. Cate Blanchett indeed looks stunning, and I also loved Kristin Scott Thomas yesterday at the opening ceremony, she is just regal.

Mirko, I agree on Alan Rickman as Robin Hood. Still, I am going to see this version since Cate Blanchett is in it and I would watch everything she is a part of. Also, so much hammering started to make me curious - what can be so bad in that film?

Lara said...

Marsha, I couldn't agree more. Never understood that enormous appeal he has (had?).

Janice said...

When I compare the notion of IM2 and RH - two big budget films that belong in the cineplex, if anywhere - opening Cannes, and compare that to Moulin Rouge being chosen to open it in 2001, I could cry. Love it or hate it, MR seems such a bold choice in comparison. (Neither IM2 or RH is going to further the art of cinema - but that was never the point...was it?)

Of course, when I think of all the other films that could and should be opening Cannes, small films by little known directors who could use and deserve the boost - I could commit hari-kari.

@Marsh - yes, exactly. And I thought he was very fine in The Informer (I haven't seen Gladiator) but one could say the same as well about Scott, I think. When was the last time either man had a solid box office hit - and yet how can it be that the industry is still throwing so much money at them to make something like this? Who makes those decisions? Who wants to see a paunchy, middle-aged man playing Robin Hood, when the role calls for someone lean and spry and hungry? Arrogance is not the same thing as "fire in the belly".

Andrew R. said...

I KNEW Robin Hood would suck! HAH!

All I can say is, if this year's lineup is as good as last year's, I'm jealous.

James T said...

No, I'm not here for Blanchett's photos. I already feel overwhelmed by everyone talking about her. I even saw her in my sleep. ENOUGH!

She is beautiful but does she deserve sll this buzz just because she is in a big-budget movie?

I'm not that angry :p
I just want her to earn the attention.


Adam M -- hmmm. i don't mean to argue but are you implying that liberals don't believe in patriotism and democracy? I think they just don't believe in the perversions of these things that the right wing has been selling for years now.

but tweets i've seen of Robin Hood some claim its too noncommital to be embracing any political views really

janice -- i think the thing is they always want the big stars at the opening night thing and russell crowe and cate blanchett work in that way. Not that there weren't a couple of other choices they could have gone with.

Marsha Mason said...

Adam - Maybe Crowe just reflects a few too many "ugly American" stereotypes, despite his actual nationality.

Dorian said...

Oh my God, Cate's a goddess. Gahhh! Post more Cate photos, please.

That's all.

Unknown said...

@Nat - I get the sense that media liberals have an adverse reaction to pro-American sentiment. I think I understand where their distrust comes from--I just think it's entirely misplaced. And they're inconsistent and disingenuous in the way they apply that scrutiny; they'll make excuses for ANTI-American sentiments (e.g. 'Green Zone') or general inanity (e.g. 'Iron Man 2'). But 'Robin Hood' is distasteful and pandering to the likes of Sarah Palin (or so says Ms. Karina Longworth in the Village Voice).

liv-k said...

Blanchett and Russell were great to my opinion. I just expected lady Marion a little younger. Robin too. Russel was a little heavier and not as nimble as my idea of Robin. Anyway, Scott's point of view was very interesting and unconventional, without negating what we knew so far. It did'n bother me.