Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Link Crazy Pt. 1: Casting Special

EW Linda Hamilton, our favorite Terminator, joins Showtime's Weeds. Does this mean we need to start watching again?
Black Book "The sort of return of Mark Hamill"
OMG the next time someone wants to reshoot Psycho, how about puppets in the lead roles?
THR Three Musketeers (3D) cast getting bigger. Juno Temple (newly in demand, apparently) may play queen.
MTV Somebody cast Adam Rosenberg in a Willow (1988) reboot, like now
First Showing Will Smith rejected the role. It now looks like Terrence Howard may get 'Sexual Healing' ♫ is something that's good for me ♪ as Marvin Gaye for Cameron Crowe's upcoming biopic
Filmofilia Ewan McGregor for Terry Gilliam's The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

Did you get a chance to see Chris Klein's Mamma Mia! audition before it got pulled? It's resurfaced for the moment at Crushable. I almost didn't mention it out of pity but it is such a train wreck but the Videogum writeup was so funny
...there isn’t any cocaine left, because Chris Klein did it all.
And it only pushes all my buttons for Hollywood's carelessness with musicals as well as the blink and you miss it stardom of so many young actors. I was discussing this with Joe Reid yesterday and marvelling that anything went for Mamma Mia!'s casting team. They would obviously let anyone audition, given that on the evidence of the film, they didn't care about the vocal quality. Quoth Joe "like, cast people who can't sing, fine, but cast people who can't sing and are also not box-office draws? WTF?" Streep & Seyfried excepted, of course.


Lara said...

What was Chris Klein thinking? He must know that he can't sing. And those eyes. What happened to his eyebrows? Why are they constantly overarching?
As for Seyfried being a box office draw, now you're exaggerating. I doubt many people have heard of her when the movie came out (even Mandy Moore wouldn't have kept the audience away) and she got lucky with that one romcom and the rest were flops, weren't they?
As for Weeds, I stopped watching somewhere along season 4 but I'm still pissed what they've done to Elizabeth Perkins' character (actually, what they've done to many good characters) . Well, at least they've released her now, but I doubt that the writers will do any good for Linda Hamilton. Mary-Louise Parker must have written it in her contract that all her co-stars get no sense making story lines.

Ryan Ray said...

Clearly it didn't matter that they cast people with little box-office draw. Will never understand that movie's popularity.

John T said...

Meryl was a solid reason for it-I'd argue that christine Baranski can sing though (Piere et al, not so much).

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I love that one of the websites that posted the video also posted the movie clip of the same song with the actor actually cast, which was only marginally better -- with the help of post-production, of course.


hee. good observation.

oh that movie. such an earsore. and it's a real shame too that mamma mia! is such a smash in all corners of hte universe because ABBA is so brilliant and they deserved better.

Andrew David said...

well, imdb trivia says that Chris Klein played Tony in his high school production of West Side Story, so... that poor school.

Mason Mahoney said...

That Chris Klein audish reminds me of Ramona's model face at Brooklyn Fashion Week. Ouch.

He should have a Myspace account and turn that gem into the GLEE casting call.

Jorge Rodrigues said...

Oh Drew and Mason, you made roll off my couch from laughing so hard :D

Chris Klein just made my week. And yes ABBA deserved SO much better. It's not like there aren't enough people in Hollywood that can sing...

Heh, I was thinking of writing 'at least all of them are good looking people' but then I remembered that Christine Baranski, Peter Sarsgaard and Julie Walters were in the film.

Well... It's true Nathaniel, I too cannot understand that movie. Or, I cannot understand the people behind that movie.

Glenn said...

There is a Facebook fan page for Chris Klein's Mamma Mia! audition!

George P. said...

It was interesting to see an audition tape for an actor who [wasn't] cast in a film. Sad to know that a failed attempt can leak online though as well.

As for Klein, I've liked some of his performances ("American Pie" "Just Friends" "American Dreamz"), and while I hated his "Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li" performance the first time I saw it, it won be over the second time since he seriously stole the whole film.

Lara said...

@Jorge, what's wrong with Baranski, Stellan Skarsgård and Peters? I personally find them better looking than Cooper and Seyfired (I tried twice to spell her name correctly and now it stays), something about their wide set eyes just doesn't respond with me.

Jorge Rodrigues said...

@Lara - For me, Baranski, Sarsgaard and Walters are not good looking. Now. Dominic Cooper and Amanda Seyfriend, I think everyone finds them beautiful.

And I love Amanda's eyes :) :swoon: