Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day of Rest (with Bruce Willis and Friend)


Bruce and I both need to rest. It's a holiday weekend. Our cats don't make sleeping very easy, though. Why must they always need food? It's called fasting, kitten, look into it.

These image are from Striking Distance (1993) which is one of those movies too mediocre for anyone to remember it ever existed. I wonder if SJP or Bruce even remember that they made it? I didn't remember that they made it! This is the only movie I know of where a cat wakes up the lead character in a realistic way. Yes, my cat sometimes wakes me up like this... though usually he employs the paw rather than the tongue. Either way: highly annoying.

Cats on the brain this morning since my fuzzy one is sick again (maybe I should give How to Train Your Dragon another cheer-me-up visit). The second his medicine runs out, illness returns. More vet bill$, food experimentation (to see if it's allergies) and tests coming.

Monty and I are sad today and we need some cuddle time.

Craig will be in with a "Take Three" column tomorrow (it's not a holiday weekend for the Brits -- oh wait, it is. Oops) and I'll be back on Sunday or Monday with a bunch of Oscar/Awardage stuff. Stay tuned.


Lara said...

"it's not a holiday weekend for the Brits". It is! May 31st is (Spring) Bank Holiday.
Happy Memorial weekend (or whatever it is you're celebrating over there).

notanotherblog said...

Pardon my schoolgirl mentality right now. I'm drooling like that cat probably was.

Anonymous said...

THis is cool

Rich Aunt Pennybags said...

Sorry about your cat. Hope Monty gets better soon. :(

Katie said...

being woken up by a cat.....this totally reminds me of the 'Simon's Cat' series -

Burning Reels said...

Get well soon Monty.