Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Till the Links Roll By

Antagony & Ecstasy - churns up a summer appropriate top ten list: best performances in comic-based films. Impeccable choices really (especially the top tier) and fine write ups (especially the two on Superman).
MNPP wants this Fright Night remake (another vampire movie?) immediately thanks to the wonderful-on-paper cast
Erik Lundegaard - is making a thorough, interesting trek through past Robin Hood films. Something I wanted to do but never found time for. Argh.
Sunset Gun "How Little We Know" a fine piece on the cinema of Wong Kar Wai, Days of Being Wild specifically

/Film has a lengthy word for word interview with Justin Theroux. Sadly it's only about Iron Man 2. I hope he acts again. David Lynch where are you???
By Ken Levine "The Truth about Lady Gaga". This article makes me want to watch Man in the Moon again. Remember that one? The one that was supposed to net Jim Carrey an Oscar nomination?
Deviant Art has a pretty amazing Pulp Fiction graphic, displaying the film chronologically. Something the film never displays don'cha know
popbytes Cynthia Nixon covers The Advocate
Just Jared Winona Ryder and Channing Tatum to play lovers in Ron Howard's Cheaters. Hmmm, strangely I like the idea, well, except for the Ron Howard part
A Socialite's Life John Barrowman as Alladin? Fun pics but why no more Torchwood? *sniffle*
Boing Boing Here's an interesting one for you small screen enthusiasts. This is a list from a tv executive explaining 12 reasons why certain shows get picked up by networks.

my favorite goodbyes to Lena Horne
Guardian David Thomson refuses to talk about Lena for 671 words
The Sheila Variations wonderful personalized tribute to Lena here
Time Magazine Richard Corliss kicks off their tribute with a 'shoulda been' obituary
Variety Ted Johnson has the Obama family's statement
The Auteurs Daily collects the online tributes and obits


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

[Insert dirty (but true) joke about John Barrowman and his magic lamp here]

Robert Hamer said...

Pretty good list, though I would have taken out Jack Nicholson in Batman (too much Jack, not enough Joker) and added in Mickey Rourke in Sin City either at the fourth or third spot. Yeah, I thought he was that good.

BeRightBack said...

I would definitely have added Thora Birch in Ghost World to the comics list, although splitting it up so that superhero and non-superhero comics-inspired films weren't competing against each other might be in order to do that.


Robert -- good point. I knew there was someone awesome who was missing.

BeRightBack -- hmmm. i prefer Scarlett's performance in that movie... though I totally understand why Thora Bitch's character is more memorable for people and easier to be "into"

BeRightBack said...

"Thora Bitch"? Freudian typo?

Alison Flynn said...

I liked the Robin Hood article. But this very important version was left out.


alison -- oh man. how could lundegaard skip that one?

berightback --- oops. i swear to god that wasn't on purpose. but no, i'm not a fan ;)

cinephile said...

out of context, but haven't you seen CHLOE yet?