Friday, May 21, 2010

A Link Divided

Movie|Line suggests that Lindsay Lohan stay in France. International diplomacy is admittedly not their strong suit
The Onion Ridley Scott and Tim Burton switch action figures. 'No tradebacks!' (this article is a couple weeks old but if you haven't read it, experience the hilarity)

The Big Picture questions the hypocrisy of dissing Shia Labeouf for dissing Steven Spielberg. Good piece. There's too many "yes people" in Hollywood and Crystal Skull stank.
The Hot Blog
Poland waxes philosophical about revivals of genres, musicals, and cartoons
A Socialite's Life I wouldn't normally link to a Robert Pattison on set! thing (who cares?) but in truth I have read this book they're making into a movie Water For Elephants. The whole time I was reading it -- even though it wasn't great or anything -- I kept thinking 'this should be a movie.'NatashaVC an evocative Harvey Keitel story
I Need My Fix on the Demi Moore ♥ Ashton Kutcher romance. In truth they're one of my fav Hollywood couples, too

In Contention Guy Lodge on Cannes winding down
Vulture The Fug Girls uncover and display the 10 loopiest outfits at Cannes. Their quote on Kate Beckinsale who isn't wearing anything crazy in the picture is lol
...tends to prefer either short prom dresses or really long prom dresses; ergo, for her, this is practically Gaga City.
Scanners With Jean Luc Godard's Socialisme premiering, Jim Emerson neatly summarizes the critical conversations about Godard over the past... entire career
David Germain on Sony Pictures Classics at Cannes and with Oscar
YouTube Have you seen this "Chlöe Sevigny" dragster yet? Funny. Love the coyness when dropping Tilda's name

great white way
Just Jared Paul Reubens still in process of bringing Pee Wee Herman back. Yay.

the page
Cooley! "Inappropriate Golden Age Book: Movies R Fun" [via]

the boob tube
Antenna an interesting piece on the Joss Whedon episode of Glee just past, which gives answer to the question i had while watching it: this doesn't feel like recent episodes. Why?

in the life
The Onion "New Social Networking Site Changing The Way Oh, Christ, Forget It Let Someone Else Report On This Bullshit."


NoNo said...

I commented about Shia a couple days ago and I agree with the article but I still have mixed feelings about his comments. There's no way he went read the script for Transformers 2 and Indy 4 and thought it was going to be good. I can't be mad at him for taking the paycheck and running though.

As wreckless and rude as Megan Fox's comments were, I think they were coming from a more honest place than Shia's. I think it's the fact that he's being critical in the most politically correct manner. Why don't you just call them up and tell them how you feel?

NoNo said...



or better yet... tell them DURING.
we all know that this is one of the chief problems with George Lucas's output after he became a mega gagillionaire pop culture god. Nobody would say no to him no matter how terrible the ideas were.

anna said...

This is somewhat off-topic (and I have no idea whether you like soccer at all), but have you seen the World Cup spot Alejandro González Iñárritu did for Nike? Maybe it's just the soccer fan in me speaking, but I think it's amazing! :)
(including cameos by Homer Simpson and Gael García Bernal, among others)

Marsha Mason said...

I love Shia for that. Maybe realizing Indiana sucked only came after he'd done it -- he's so young -- or maybe he really did just took the money and ran, but it still takes balls, as the next studio with a no-brain script won't want him to take it, since he may call them out too. Just get all action stars to do the same, and we might even wind up with good action movies!

Better yet, just call up Ole Marsha, as I'll happily trash studios all day long.

Rebecca said...

I am not excited about 'Water for Elephants', but I have a feeling I am going to feel strangely compelled to see it. Is it just because I've read the book? (Which I agree, was not that great).

I think Pattinson is miscast, I was picturing someone slightly nerdy/awkward.

Andrew R. said...

"I liked Water for Elephants a lot, but it'll probably be a better movie."

Those were my thoughts until they cast Robert Pattinson. NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Dimitra said...

I bet WFE will be a better film than a book. And I support Pattinson.

judy holder said...

You are going to let us know when that book is coming out, aren't you Marsha? I want to be first in line.

I don't think it matters what Shia says - there's no way George would hear it anyway. At this point? Wrapped up in his gazillions, and his adoring followers? Is there any way for such a message to get through that?

And maybe he did say it (or attempt to) on the set, who knows.

@Rebecca - He isn't? He seems rather awkward to me (but I'm not into guys, so what would I know?)