Thursday, May 13, 2010

When T-Shirts Speak the Truth


And I'm not just talking about my Juli. The Kids Are All Right opens in 55 days. Mark your calendars.
Annette Bening and Julianne Moore


JoFo said...

I'm thrilled it's going to be playing at the Sydney Film Festival. I can't wait to see it and many other awesome films coming to the festival. I will be following the festival on my as yet short lived blog.

cinephile said...

Bening's performance looks great in the trailer... Ruffalo's as well. And Moore looks astoundingly funny. It's good to see that these great actors star in such a well-received film again -- hopefully it will be financially successful as well.
BTW, have you seen "Chloe" yet? Curious about the opinion of Moore's performance.

Hayden said...
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Hayden said...

It occurred to me yesterday (while watching Children of Men) that some of Julianne Moore's punchiest supporting roles are terribly underwritten. While I think her performance in A Single Man should have been enough to win her fifth Oscar nod (of what should be more than ten nominations with several wins, but who's counting?), who wouldn't want to watch an entire film about that character? What made the Firth/Moore dynamic so wonderful is that either could have offered dazzling support to the other during a crisis--he could've had the cameo in HER film.

Her performances are so complex that part of me always wants the auteur to shift the entire focus of the film to her. Even in I'm Not There, I wanted Todd Haynes to drop everything once Julie was on camera.

Anonymous said...

how do bening & moore look in black boxy pant suits w sensible shoes?