Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cannes Tweets & Treats: Bernal, Bingbing and Brolin

I woke up with a serious case of Cannes Envy this morning. There's no way around unwanted feelings so you plunge in them to get to the other side. That's the way to do it, right? Or that's the way Nathaniel (c'est moi) does it. Maybe that's the masochist's way? So herewith... random thoughts on Cannes photos, fashions, and tweets from people I was exceptionally jealous of all day. Cuz they're... you know... there. In the thick of it.

Please note: If y'all don't start commenting soon, we're likely to take a long summer hiatus and see you ungrateful beyootches in October when Oscar buzz heats up. Comments are like food. Feed the insatiable Film Experience Beast!

We begin with two questions starring Gael García Bernal.

1. Is he, like, inviting us to pose with him here? Won't he be crushed in the mass forward rush of crazed lustful exhibitionist fans?

2. Wouldn't he be super easy to lose at a black tie party?
He's so tiny.
You'd never find him again.

And now some funny or interesting movie tweeting...

on Mike Leigh's Another Year which is garnering awards buzz for both the film and Leigh regular Lesley Manville

@erickohn "Finally, a top-notch competition film. Mike Leigh's ANOTHER YEAR is a startlingly honest and understated character study."
@ebertchicago "Imbecilic Cannes question of the day (to Mike Leigh): "Why did you make Sally so sad?"
@totalfilm Mike Leigh's Another Year: kind of a greatest hits movie; pleasure to watch scene to scene if a little familiar.
@guylodge "Mike Leigh's "Another Year" is the best thing I've seen at Cannes so far: and Lesley Manville is stunning

on You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, Woody Allen's annual sweet and sour cinematic dish. Sweet and sour because well... you know. You never know if it's going to be a Vicky Cristina Barcelona or a Hollywood Ending.

@JustinCChang "Odd, really, to go straight from the bracing humanity of Mike Leigh to the cardboard inhumanity of Woody Allen"
@eug "Clearly they love Woody Allen in Cannes: Serious pushing, shoving & yelling at the entrance to screening now. Survived."
@jamesrocchi "Light, slight Woody Allen with an unexpectedly vicious streak hidden beneath the farce and ruptured romances."
@awardsdaily ""Cannes - funny rapport between Woody Allen and Josh Brolin at press conference. Woody killed, of course. CANNES Woody Allen press conference - Woody says of death, 'I do not recommend it.' And of aging, 'try to avoid it if possible.'"

Josh Brolin and Woody Allen meet the press

on Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, which also stars Josh Brolin. He busy busy... like 2007 busy again in 2010.

@onthecroisette Wall Street moved me immensely, despite it's happy-ending. Is there something wrong with me? That's what my friends say.THEY ARE WRONG!
@cobblehillis WALL STREET: THE QUICKENING (Stone): 2.5 hrs of bullet-point speeches about $$$. Mulligan cries, Langella hams, Sheen cameos, Shia lebeoufs.
@gemko Wall Street: Let Me Be Clear This Time, Greed Is In Fact Bad ('10 Stone): 43. Not a train wreck, sadly, just didactic-bombastic.

Best Dressed!
You have to have a huge international profile to win "Best Dressed" kudos in the media so Fan Bingbing (or Bingbing Fan, whichever you'd prefer) won't get enough credit for that deep groove she wore into the Cannes carpet.

ShareThe Chinese beauty was there to promote Chongqing Blues (previous credits include: Bodyguards and Assassins and The Matrimony) and she was working way more diverse looks in the first few days of Cannes than any of the high profile American stars or oft-photographed jury beauties Kate Beckinsale or Aishwarya Rai. Well done, Bingbing!


MattyD. said...

I'm only following Guy Lodge's coverage really closely (other than the coverage on here, of course) and I'm loving on these tweet compilations. All this Cannes coverage is a nice distraction from the fact that in 12 hours I'm getting my B.A.

Also, I'm sick of Woody Allen. I love the "Match Point"/"Vicky Cristina Barcelona" Woody, but I feel like this new one is going to feel very "Whatever Works", and I'm NOT ok with that. As for the Leigh, of course it was fantastic. Did anyone really expect differently?!


I can't wait.

Jorge Rodrigues said...

Oh Nathaniel you crack me up. Don't even think about abandoning us during the summer!

I, too, love this Twitter compilation that you do. Keep it up :)

After Cannes will you update your Oscar predictions or only in June/July?

Now to answer your questions...

1. I totally love Gael García Bernal and he is my #2 actor of the decade. Those performances in La Mala Educación, Amores Perros, Y Tu Mamán También... It's a shame Hollywood prefers to hand lead roles in comedies and dramas who are much lesser talents than him (I could say some names but there are SO many!).

2. Nathaniel, I resent that comment :P I too am 1,70m! It's not our fault if you Americans with your super size diets grow up to be super tall. I kid, I kid.

Obviously, I am super happy for Mike Leigh (but it's like MattyD. said, we've all been kind of expecting that success) and yes I too want to know about Biutiful (I'm keeping my hopes up but I am far less confident in it now). Wall Street 2 should be a fun outing to the movies nontheless (it seems like they totally transformed Gekko and there are some plotlines that don't make sense... It's a shame because the first movie was so good... I blame you the Hollywood sequel machine!) and Woody Allen... It's OK. I'm going to join your petition from a few months back and ask Mr. Allen to sit back a couple of years, really think his ideas through and come up with a decent (in his standards!) movie. It's preferable to keep sending crappy films one after the other.

Ryan Ray said...

I'm commenting now because I refuse to let you leave me for 4 months.

Woody Allen needs to get his business together. It's hard for a fan like me to get behind him when he keeps making mediocre films. He really should just make a movie with Patricia Clarkson, Cruz, Keaton, Wiest, and Judy Davis. Get all those greatest-hits in there.

I am also excited to hear about Biutiful, especially Bardem's performance.

Ellen said...


Amir said...

please don't leave for the summer. that'd be the saddest news.

also, you can't believe how excited i am for "another "year".
i'm a giant mike leigh fan. he's one of my top 5 favorite directors, and "naked" is in my all time favorites list.
the best news out of cannes was the good reviews for this movie so far.
nat, do you think lesley manville will get the same attention imelda staunton got?

Walter L. Hollmann said...

i LOVE Hollywood Ending. I don't mean to be contrarian in my love, but I had thought that that and The Curse of the Jade Scorpion were considered masterpieces because I remembered when they first came out, they were from "acclaimed filmmaker Woody Allen." When I finally started watching his films, I started with Everyone Says I Love You and his 90s/early 00s work (except for Sweet and Lowdown and Deconstructing Harry - you know, the acclaimed stuff), and of course those two films fall into that category. Of course, they don't hold a candle to the great Hannah and Her Sisters, but I still love most of what I've seen from Shadows & Fog onwards.

By the way, Jeff Wells describes You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger as "C-level" Woody Allen, but then he says it's on par *with* Shadows & Fog, which I consider to be his second-best after Everyone Says I Love You, and A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy, which I adore. So I'l probably love the new one.

Sorry for the long comment, but a Film Experience hiatus would cause DTs. Think of the fan-base, Nathaniel!

Glenn said...

Oh man, I was really looking forward to Stranger since the title is so incredible and I felt like Naomi Watts would fit in perfectly with a Woody Allen screenplay.

Anonymous said...

Of course, there are reports Woody's film got a thunderous applause, why do critics do that for every of his films that screen at festivals, only to start to write up their reviews and give lukewarm reviews on half of those films. Maybe, if he got a lukewarm reception once the lights go up, he will get that the film did not hit the spot.

Andrew R. said...

I have doubts about You Will Blah Blah being any good.

Wall Street 2, from what I've heard so far: Douglas is good but not Oscar worthy, Shia LeBouf STILL can't act, and Mulligan tries but has an awful part. Oh, and Brolin is hammy.

One reviewer SLAMMED that film Chatroom. He walked out early. (He did make a good point, saying no one has used a chatroom in ages.)


adri said...

I saw Gael Garcia Bernal in a new movie a few days ago, "Letters to Juliet" in which he plays the distracted fiance of Amanda Seyfried.

I kept looking at him, thinking it looks kind of like Gael Garcia Bernal, but how can it be him? He's known for being so cute and wonderful looking, and this guy is not. Did he grow out of his adolescent beauty or did they just not know how to film him?

Luiserghio said...

I'm commenting just because I want my film experience all summer :)