Monday, May 31, 2010

May. It's a Wrap

We hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Or if you live outside the US, a wonderful weekend of other sorts.

After a rough April, May felt like a big improvement. We hope you thought so too. Here are some highlights from the month that was in case you missed anything or if you're a brand new reader (welcome!)

Netflix Instant Watch Addiction - Nathaniel 'plugs in and gets off'...not literally!
Monologue - This monday series recharged its batteries with stellar moments from Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion and Looking For Mr Goodbar
Take Three: Veronica Cartwright Craig's new series debuts
Liz Taylor & BUtterfield 8 -"Mad Men @ the Movies" returned as we try to catch up before the season 4 premiere in July. Besides... I always love thinking about La Liz
Newsweek vs. Gay Actors in which Nathaniel and a few (but not enough) righteous celebrities get pissed off

Oz-Mania Jose looks at projects aiming to take us Over the Rainbow
Port of Call: ZOO Orleans Herzog brings out the animal(s) in Cage
Cate, Posterized Cate Blanchett as lead. Do you prefer "support"?
Pedro & Antonio | Madonna & Me a 1990/1991 flashback
Foreign Auteurs Top Ten According to Oscar that is. How familiar are you with the filmographies of Buñuel, de Sica and Fellini?

Coming in June: More info about the summer season of TFE here.


Burning Reels said...

Brilliant as always Nathaniel. The foreign film nominations was a particular highlight.

Sadner said...

Yes thank you Nathaniel for putting so much time and effort into this :)

notanotherblog said...

Segue: In the the gay actors vs. Setoodeh article, RunsLikeaGay commented on how Ian McKellen wasn't given hetero romantic roles. I can't remember the exact wording.

There was a TV movie called "Rasputin" with him and Alan Rickman. Five seconds of the movie involved McKellen kissing Greta Scacchi's boob. I fell for it. And by the way, that TV movie was my introduction to the three actors, and it's a great introduction to seeing their chops.