Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Linkily Every After

Movies Kick Ass how the Palme D'Or is not unlike the Oscar, thought its partisans will protest
Movie|Line interviews one of our favorite people in the movieverse, Ari Graynor
TOH! Will Luke Evans be the next big thing once Tamara Drewe opens?
/Film Mark Romanek has completed work on Never Let Me Go. It's due October 1st.
Acidemic would like you to stop judging Lindsay Lohan. Her downward spiral is none of your concern

Total Film has the 21 most storied, insane movie shoots. I refuse to scroll through 21 pages to read it (a blight on all the traffic whores out there!) but I'm guessing you get some Werner Herzog (Aguirre: The Wrath of God) and Coppola's Apocalypse Now therein. Those jungle movies are brutal on filmmakers and cast
Subway Cinema Asian Film Festival in NYC very soon. Lots of exciting stuff including the NYC premiere of the award winning Bodyguards and Assassins [prev post]
Pfangirl has a lengthy look at the superhero genre, where it's been and where it's going. This is the DC edition. Marvel later this week.
Empire Soapdish (1991) is jumping on the remake train along with everyone else. Good luck to however has to top Cathy Moriarty's bitch goddess this time around
Golden Trailer Awards that's happening in June. I don't really understand their nominees but whatevs

Shrek Forever After?
I "love" that the tagline is the final chapter but the movie's actual title promotes Shrek in perpetuity. That's a nightmare ending for me since I hate that lazy green franchise. I am still dumbfounded that Dreamworks suddenly learned how to make good animated films (Kung Fu Panda & How To Train Your Dragon) in its aftermath. Usually studios try and repeat successes rather than find a way to make films that are way better than them. You'd think they would have tried to repeat its success rather than tried to be Pixar (a far worthier goal) given that Shrek films make more than Pixar films (a sad audience-damning truth). So HAPPY ENDING, however improbable. I do so love How To Train Your Dragon. Anyway, Erik Lundegaard looks at Shrek's franchise box office and understands, unlike Hollywood, the math that goes into sequel numbers. Opening weekend is never about the movie you're seeing but about the one before it... provided that there is one before it. If there's not it's about the marketing. Meanwhile Tim at Antagony & Ecstasy shares my fear that this won't be anything like The End
The ostensibly final film in the Shrek franchise (which I'll believe the moment that everybody involved is dead, and not a second before)
He goes on to say that the movie isn't half bad. for this sort of thing. But definitely half bad all the same!


Helena said...

Hi Nathaniel,am insanely jealous of the Asian Film Festival. A well known HK actor calls Bodyguards and Assassins is 'Fighting and Crying,' and having watched it recently, it's a pretty good plot summary. Worth seeing for award-winning perf of father figure and for what Donnie Yen does to a horse, but otherwise a bit ho hum.

Clarence said...

Nathaniel!!! This is a really out-of-place question but I kinda need an answer or an idea!

For my history class, our final research project will be on any 20th or 21st century topic we want so long as that question constitutes both of these:
1. The question is related or is part of American history (this is basically open thread question)
2. The question is can cause a debate in which you have to argue for one side.

My topic, the reason I'm here asking you in the first place, is AMERICAN FILM history. PLEASE suggest to me any research topic!!! PLEASEEEE!!! :(

(It'll be especially lovely if the topic is about Meryl Streep. A Meryl Streep essay is worth my time and research but the problem is I don't know if there exists a book that contains all the information I might need to answer a Streepian question).

Lucky said...

I love Soapdish!
My sister and I used to watch it over and over! it's silly, but Sally Field and the whole cast are great in it, and it's so much fun!

They're going to ruin it, though, I'm sure-

notanotherblog said...

I can't believe Nine and A Single Man weren't nominated in the Golden Trailer awards.

[/nerd outrage]

Paul Outlaw said...

Re: Soapdish. Wonder if Hulu had a hand in this...