Friday, May 14, 2010

Link & Order: Special Random Unit

The Awl "10 Reasons Why You Should Give Me One More Chance This Weekend" by that bucket of charm "Russell Crowe". (teehee)
Go Fug Yourself theorizes that Cate Blanchett stole a White House carpet
Go Fug Yourself... and welcomes Cannes crazy with open arms
Catalogue of Curiousities "floating heads of doom!"
Buzz Sugar the trailer for True Blood Season 3
Mister Hipp "He can take it." I love this illustration of Wolverine. So fun

Towleroad Elton John covering Madonna hits with scandily clad go go boys. What the hell?
Towleroad my weekly column
The Portland Mercury hilarious movie marquee. Poor Terrence Howard
A Socialite's Life Christina Ricci to join Laura Linney on Broadway in September. Interesting
Playbill Antonio Banderas returning to Broadway for Kander & Ebb's Zorba
Empire strangest bedfellows ever: Charlie Kaufman + Kung Fu Panda
/Film yes I've heard about the duleing Monroe biopics: Naomi Watts vs. Michelle Williams. Just haven't mentioned them yet since they kinda deserve a whole big post. Later. Have patience.

Finally, PopEater says goodbye to Law & Order (just cancelled) with a opening credits mashup of all casts from the franchise. I know people are sad that the original flagship series is going bye-bye. But puhleze. It lives on in 3 spinoffs and endless syndication like some unholy hydra beast. I will never be able to escape it. You've won, television my nemesis, you've won! I thank the original L&O for keeping my Broadway babies fed and in rent payments... but otherwise I kick it to the curb. See, I don't think I can take one more Linus Roache or Dianne Wiest situation wherein some gargantuan talent hides their magnificence under that particular bushel. The next great that the series plans to taint is... Isabelle Huppert. Je pleure.


Robert Hamer said...

I don't know, I feel a little sad seeing Law & Order leave us. It's like the end of an era.

I was especially sad in light of the great cast they've recently assembled. I mean, c'mon, Jeremy Sisto, Anthony Anderson and especially Linus Roache, who took the Executive A.D.A role that Sam Waterston should have vacated a long time ago. I sort of hoping the series had a few more years left in it. Sure, the spin-offs will live on, but it just won't be the same without the original series tying it together.

starfish said...

Especially since the spin-offs are just not that well written.. Why cancel the good show (this year has been really excellent) and go on with the not-that-good ones?

(This may be the first time I comment on your blog. Thank you, it is very interesting!)

Iggy said...

At the same event Elton John was doing that Madonna thing, there was also Lady Gaga, Sting, Springsteen and Elton John (and other people I can't recognize) singing the song from Glee. It's funny to see so different people singing together.

Lara said...

Why do you hate Law&Order so much?


i just feel like it's ALWAYS talking down to me. Like it's as condescending as reality tv with the "in case you misunderstood that last scene, here's some more exposition to repeat the exposition." and then i just hate thigns with rigid predictable formulas.

i dunno what i can say.

it literally pains me to watch it.


@starfish -- WELCOME first timer!

adri said...

I love Russell Crowe's acting. He's talented, skillful, smart, original, different. I don't really care about an actor's personal life. Their performance work on the screen is the only real connection I have with them. I like difficult actors - they give good performances.

There are so many mainstream actors that I feel are foisted on me, and I'm supposed to think that they are talented, sexy, great - and they are not. While the original and different ones that give great performances never seem to retain "fashionability". "Oh, you can't like Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Joaquin Phoenix now, they're idiots". I don't care.

Volvagia said...

Well...say you spin off Glee. Put it in Palm Desert. That's where Queens of the Stone Age, among other bands, started. A nice place to set an all-rock spin-off of Glee. But would that still be Glee?