Monday, May 31, 2010

Oscar's Foreign Directors Update

Last week's tuesday top ten has been expanded and revised a bit to be a top dozen. Oscar's Favorite Foreign Language Film Auteurs. I'm still not sure about the order between a few of them in the middle of the pack. The question of how to quantify has no easy answer when you're dealing with whole filmographies, honorary prizes, and eligibility issues. But I primarily gave it another once over because I'd somehow forgotten one master from Poland, Andrzej Wajda (pictured left) who was presented with an Honorary Oscar, from two time winner Her Awesomeness Jane Fonda, back in March 2000).

If you missed the post, please check it out. I hope it's inspired you to rent a film or three. One of the great rewards of Oscar obsessiveness is discovering past treasures. If you're not doing that, you're doin' it wrong!

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Hayden said...

Ugh. Jane Fonda. I'm drooling.