Monday, October 10, 2005

Bakers Dozen: Most Anticipated Movies

Here are the movies I want to see most RIGHT NOW that will be arriving in the next 82 days (woo-hoo)
I'll also tell you why in a dozen words.

13 Beowulf & Grendel -Because I am a geek when it comes to fantasy. Plus: Sarah Polley! (TBA)
12 The Dying Gaul -Three-way romance with Scott, Clarkson, and Sarsgaard bound to make Nathaniel hot. (Nov 4th)
11 Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic -I kinda hated The Aristocrats but she made me scream with laughter. (Nov 11th)
10 King Kong -Remakes seem pointless but Peter Jackson ensures my ass in the seat. (Dec 14th)
09 Breakfast on Pluto -Every other Neil Jordan movie is excellent. So, statistically speaking, good chance. (Nov 16th)
08 Shopgirl -Steve Martin is grossly underappreciated. That is all I wanted to say. (Oct 21st)
07 The New World -Terrence Malick equals Event Movie! My opinion: Farrell is a good actor. (Dec 25th)
06 Rent Is it a miraculous phoenix from this directors ashes or a turkey? (Nov 23rd)
05 The White Countess -When it comes to period costume drama, Merchant and Ivory are eternal. (Dec 16th)
04 The Family Stone -Beloved cast could prove a good antidote to heavily political movie season. (Nov 11th)
03 Jarhead -pro'lly my favorite trailer of the year. Jake in Santa hat? Priceless. (Nov 4th)
02 Match Point -The Return of Woody Allen? My fingers are crossed. My prayers uttered. (Dec 25th)
01 Brokeback Mountain -Story is sublime. Jake and Heath fall in love. Ang Lee directs! (Dec 9th)


Anonymous said...

I saw Brokeback Mountain at TIFF, Nathaniel, and I can guarantee that you will love it.
Malick is awesome in so many ways.
I'd love to see Merchant-Ivory go out with a hit (and one with Fiennes and the Redgraves at that!)...too bad there's no buzz on the film :(
I think Rent looks...awful. Then again, I thought the play was one of the stupidest fads in Broadway history so I'm not the best person to judge. Here's to hoping it satisfies the Rentheads!

Anonymous said...

Um... what about what is sure to become the Next Cinematic Masterpiece, "The Fountain"??? Where is that on your list?

Anonymous said...

The Fountain is not going to be released this year, which sucks since it has been so long since the greatness of Requiem for a Dream.


adam k. said...

I'm seriously thinking now that Brokeback is going to be HUGE. It just seems to be building, building, building... and it's bond to be an "event" regardless of general reception... just cause of the topic. And of course we know it'll be good, if not great.
I'm thinking NBR will give it the best pic seal of approval, and from there, globe and oscar noms across the board... Ang Lee has yet to win a directing oscar, despite two best picture frontrunners. And I think the shock of seeing this young teeny-bopper-esque cast kick serious ass under the right guidance will only add to the kudos. I'm very excited.

adam k. said...

Also, the music in the Brokeback trailer is brilliant. I really hope it's all part of the score. Great, great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Doug, it appears when films are released have no relevance on this list. Beowulf and Grendel isn't out till 2007, right?

By the way, why is it Beowulf and Grendel and not just Beowulf, like the story. I did an assignment analysing Beowulf in terms of the Campbell's hero mythology model. Man... that so wasn't much fun.

Can't wait for Brokeback Mountain, The Producers and, er, Wolf Creek (I'm a sucker for some truly R18+ horror!)

btw, R18+ is the equivelant of NC-17 over on your side of the pond.


Anonymous said...


the dates are of relevance. As you can see, all the other films' release dates are in the 82-day frame Nathaniel mentions. Beowulf and Grendel, on IMDB, is listed as a 2005 release, although no US date has been announced.


I'm awaiting all the films mentioned, but I wonder what you thought of the Harry Potter 4 trailer. I loved it and would make my top five of must-sees.