Friday, October 28, 2005

Halloween Countdown...08

Top Ten Movies That Make Me Think of Halloween...continued.

08. Clue(1985)
I imagine my readers scratching their heads. That Tim Curry comedy from the 80s? That board game? Why, yes, my friends. I grew up loving the game, playing it with my family. Later, I was quite excited for the movie. I saw it three times. Little remembered fact: Unlike on the DVD at the theater there was only one ending. You had to try different theaters to see the different endings.

Anyway --much later in college with my family of friends Clue came up again. Halloween was approaching and the discussion erupted into party plans. There were six of us. We would dress as Clue for the party we were attending! I was Mr Green. [tangent: It was the first and the last time that I was ever seen w/ a moustache. Yuck]. The brilliance of dressing up with a group as Miss Scarlett, Mrs White, Mrs Peacock, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, and Mr Green cannot be overstated. It's easy. It's creative. It's not expensive. And, despite there being no definitive look to adhere to, people will recognize who all of you are, provided you stick together. Enjoy the party.


Dr. S said...

I heart this movie so much... my brother and I ran our VHS tape into the ground watching it as much as we did. I believe this is where I learned the phrase "red herring." And I remember loving that Jane Wiedlin played that doomed singing telegram girl.

"What does a butler do?"
"I butle."


Anonymous said...

This is on High Priority on my DVD list. Can't wait til it gets sent to me. I like Madeline Kahn.

And that's a great costume idea! But, alas, I hate dressing up so I'm glad I rarely have to.


NicksFlickPicks said...

"I hated her... like flames. Flames, flaming. Coming out of my face!"

I was a little touch 'n' go on the overall movie, but Madeline Kahn brings down the house. And yeah, Dr. S, the casting of Jane Wiedlin was hysterical.

And N, the costume idea: pure genius.

tim r said...

Nick, you just quoted one of my favourite bits of comic improvisation in, like, any movie ever! I have two younger brothers of my own, and we used to watch this and reenact that scene endlessly. (I would generally get to be Madeline Kahn.) It's just a classic.

Years since I've seen the whole film though.

Anonymous said...

I know this isn't some great work of cinematic art, but it is my number one favorite movie of all time and I love you for acknowledging it for Halloween!

Anonymous said...

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