Friday, October 21, 2005


Try our newly revised Oscar predictions in light of All the Kings Men disappearance.

Feast on the first course of Nick's Top 100 He Loves to Love countdown. List-making 4-evah!!!

Gag on the new news about Coraline (well, not really. I heart Dakota. I know I shouldn't. But I do. I'm just disappointed that they're not making it as a live action film starring Michelle Pfeiffer as "Mother" and "Other/Mother" as originally planned/leaked. sigh)

And enjoy your weekend. I'm off for some R & R. We'll be serving it to you hot again on Sunday night or Monday morning with Joe's new column, a third actor poll, and other tasty treats.

P.S. That Actress "Discoveries" page will come soon. Thanks for your e-mails and participation


Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating so quickly! Just to let you know, if the nomination tally, Memoirs of a Geisha is listed as having five, when I counted six below. Also, the Keira Knightley profile has been stuck with Natasha Richardson's for awhile now. I'm curious about your commentary on that selection, because you're the only one on the net that has her that high up in rank. Thanks again - great site!

Anonymous said...

Umm... Why are you still predicting All the King's Men for best picture then?



the actual "picture" page is correctly updated. thanks for the typo heads up

Anonymous said...

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