Saturday, October 15, 2005

Joe Reid Returns

Our news columnist returns from his vacation with an extra thick column on Cruise's Messiantology, Casting rumors, another white-people-save-the-world epic, Oscar Predictions, and Kirsten Dunst...

Read. Gossip. Discuss.


adam k. said...

Wow, even Joe Reid hates Kirsten Dunst. Sorry, Nathaniel.

Also, what is the deal with that pic of Daniel Radcliffe? He looks like an old man! I hope there is some makeup or CGI stuff going on there; otherwise, too bad.

Joe R. said...

May I just say how much I love the Dunst photo with her demanding "Julia numbers"? That's all Nathaniel, folks. Let's give the boy a hand.

Javier Aldabalde said...


i thought the overall column was pretty damn great and informative.

Though there's still the foreign flavor missing... (no reporting Gong Li's comeback with Zhang Yimou? The collective film community just had an orgasm thinking about it!!! how can that not not be in your article?)

lol sorry, me loves the foreign cinema.