Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Other People Like Movies Too: The Sequel

Grand Opening/ Grand Closing
Fun inquisitive post on the North Country poster. Doesn't it look a tad too familiar? I knew I hated it instantly but I couldn't figure out why. Now I know. Thanks for having a better memory than I.

Dreamgirls news
The cast is still coming together but my spidey-sense is not tingling with this adaptation. Just have a hunch that it will be a through-the-roof success. I don't feel one way or another about Beyoncé or Jamie Foxx but I love Anika Noni Rose. I've always said that whoever is cast as Effie is going to be nominated for an Oscar provided they can do "And I Am Telling You" justice. So, this casting possibility (Fantasia Barrino) is kinda surprising --but still as weird as it is to say that an American Idol performer will be an Oscar nominee in one or two years time, I'll trust that Bill Condon knows what he's doing. Even with two AI connections (Anika made her film debut in From Justin and KellyI'm still not nervous about this movie.

Filmmaker Magazine
A fun interview with the always outspoken and usually brilliant DP Chris Doyle of In the Mood for Love, The White Countess, 2046, Hero, and Rabbit Proof Fence fame.


Anonymous said...

I've liked the idea of Fantasia in the role, though some have brought up the complaint of her not really being a "big girl," which is generally the norm for Effie.

It might be a little excessive on the Idol buzz for this project, but I would've loved to see Jennifer Hudson in the role, whose criminal early ousting from the show makes her all the more appropriate for the role!

Javier Aldabalde said...

LOVED the Chris Doyle interview... the man is a genius.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great Filmmaker Magazine interview with Doyle. His passion for film reached out and grabbed me by the throat. What a character. He takes no prisoners.

Can't wait to see the effect his camera work will have on the look of The White Countess. The guy is a maniac... but in a good way.

Hope you're feeling better.


my feeling about this is that there are actors out there who can do both... so there's no excuse to have to edit around someone in a musical.

i don't understand why it's always such an issue. There are literally thousands of actors with musical theater training. i think maybe Hollywood, because they don't nurture musicals... just isn't really sure how to proceed.

that said. again. for whatever reason i have a good feeling about the project.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Fantasia made a knock-out audition though! Hit it right outta the park. So, we'll see.

I have never seen Dreamgirls in any form so I don't know what the pre-requisites were but I like Fantasia and she seems like she could pull of a diva act (if that's what is needed? i dunno) and she can sing to boot.

With Beyonce, she hasn't really had much to actually act in. Austin Powers? Pink Panther? yeah, exactly. Foxx could be good. He's likable sorta but I just really hated Ray and his hijacking of every awards ceremony this year.


qta said...

I too love the idea of Fantasia as effie. And I think, damian, that her performances on AI demonstrate that the ability to act (while not fully trained or developed) is there *fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

On the Dreamgirls casting, I get this feeling in my stomach everytime I heaar Fantasia's name being dropped. Girl can sing, I'll give her that, but I think it's the whole A.I. stentch that I dont like. Maybe there is another name to be considered. If Rent is a success then why not Tracie Thoms in the role for Effie. Yes, she is a bit older but if it can work for Rent then why not Dreamgirls.


Anonymous said...

But the thing is... Some Idol contestants are actually talented. Why should Fantasia be denied a chance because she was on Idol. Especially if she's actually good.


Anonymous said...

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