Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday CatBlogging: Monty No Like Intruders

You may have noticed that I was posting a lot to this blog today. I had to be here since my apartment was full of workers -- new windows were installed in my building. It was very breezy (no windows for hours does that), very noisy (drilling, shattering), very messy (glass shards, dust), and very unfamiliar. I can accept this of course and just play on the internet to while away the hours. My adorably fuzzy child, alas, did not understand. He became a terrified kitten again. When confronted with unfamiliar peoples and loud noises he vanishes underneath the bed. It is the safe zone. Full of dust bunnies, cat toys, and trophy collection of missing socks. Under the bed he will remain until about an hour after the danger (i.e. "noise") passes. I know him so well. Scaredy-cat.

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Anonymous said...

Aww, one of my two cats (Leo) did that just the other day when the electricians spent all day here! When I got home from school and had a nap he crawled out from under my bed and was purring like crazy.

My other cat (Sophie) however loves people. She joined the electricians for lunch!