Thursday, October 13, 2005

Michelle Pfeiffer

The One. The Only. Michelle Pfeiffer

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Anonymous said...

Well, I want her in #2, but at least she made the Top Ten. I love Michelle!!!!!

John T said...

Pfeiffer now, next up Blanchett!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Blanchett could beat Morton. But I thought Pfeiffer would beat both of them, so who knows? :D

Anonymous said...

my top 10 predictions were going 100% until this. But, still, we shouldn't have expected much higher I suppose. 3.5 films (the .5 being Sinbad) shouldn't be enough for top 5.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit, though I love Michelle, I'm glad she didn't make it higher than this. In fact, I'd argue she should be lower.

If this were an 80's or 90's list, she'd be right near the top, though.

Speaking of, Nathaniel, why don't you fix those links on the actresses of the 90's list?!

adam k. said...

In Nathaniel's 90's list, she was at the VERY top.

Anonymous said...

I love Michelle and I know this is YOUR list but I think she is WAY too high. She hasn't done nearly enough work this decade to warrant such a high placing. I fear now that Julianne Moore will be number one.

Javier Aldabalde said...

I got Pfeiffer right! Yay for me!

Next: Cate Blanchett (never thought she'd get *this* high! and of course I couldn't be happier for my Goddess)

Anonymous said...

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