Friday, October 14, 2005

Julie Anne Smith

Julianne Moore is God... number six in the Actress of the Aughts Countdown. (but still divine -never fear)

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Anonymous said...

Well, now I can only get 6 right. Damn you Nathaniel.

This all but assured Kidman and Winslet as the 1-2 candidates, but I don't know which order. Probably the reverse of what I said.

Javier Aldabalde said...

That's 3 in a row for me! yay!

So the Top 5 would be something like:

Nicole Kidman
Kate Winslet
Kirsten Dunst
Patricia Clarkson
Samantha Morton

But this order could be totally f***ed up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for not placing her at number one. I respect you so much right now!!

Anonymous said...

Well...I think that is plenty high for Julie! Really, as miraculous as her "Far From Heaven" turn is, it's the only thing of note I think she's done this decade.

Morton will be next, I'm pretty sure. And Dunst at #4.

Order of the top three (Clarkson, Kidman, Winslet) is going to be tough to guess, though...

Anonymous said...

wow, nat, that was hard im sure to not put her at number 1...thank you for putting her in order from your head, not your heart..

so we still have:
Kate Winslet
Nicole Kidman
Kirsten Dunst
and Samantha Morton *as well as a couple more)

my god i have no idea will be number 1 since each of those women deserve number 1...

adam k. said...

My career counseling lecture to Juli, in which I, her agent/therapist, try to talk some sense into her (this began as me just talking about her, but soon morphed into me actually referencing her in the second person, so I just went with it):

OK, Juli... well... I can't really blame you for Hannibal. I mean, who wouldn't want that part? I'm sure it seemed like a good career move at the time... and arguably was, regardless of the film's actual quality. And The Shipping News must also have seemed like a good choice from afar... hey, it looked like a total oscar magnet to us onlookers until it actually hit theaters. And The Forgotten? Fine. A guilty pleasure... and your first lead in a thriller. I hear you were good in it, and it was a box-office success... I give you props for that.
AND I can understand your desire to conquer mainstream comedy, too... after all, if it is indeed the one thing you can't do, and I think it is... well, except for musicals... then the instinct to try and master it is only natural... not to mention the potential increase in bankability that would result. You know... I bet you may be thinking, at this point in your career, "do I really NEED Paul and Todd in order to be a great actress? I must be able to survive without them!" and I understand that.
But the SCRIPTS, Juli, the SCRIPTS. You have to choose good scripts! I know you read them. So you have no excuse. And if you've stopped reading them before you sign on, well, you have no excuse for that either. You know better.
(JULI: "But my family! We need the money!") NO, Juli, money is NOT an excuse. Choose GOOD scripts that will also get you a fat paycheck. If none come your way, then wait it out. Do an art film in your spare time. (JULI: "But my expensive 50's furniture! I need more!") Juli! Listen to yourself! Your filmography's more important than your furniture. This is your legacy we're talking about. (JULI: "My legacy... I know!!!" (breaks down in tears... I am deeply moved) "Adam, people still don't want to see my movies! 4 oscar nominations, and still no one comes! Some actresses make $15 million a movie, people love them so much, but me? $3 mill tops! I need to do better! I'll never win an oscar until they love me!" (continues sobbing))
Juli. Settle down. You might be comparing yourself to Reese or Julia, but... (she nods, humiliated, head in hands) Hey. You're JuliANNE, who needs Julia? I know she has an oscar, but it doesn't matter... you're better than that... and as for the money thing... Juli, that line of thought is very destructive. It's called 'negative thinking'. (she nods again) In the grand scheme of things, you're still very rich. And besides, you have Revlon; you're all set (she nods knowingly, wiping away tears).
You and your family will be fine. Caleb has dental insurance. Liv will go to all the best schools. If you're ever REALLY strapped for cash and need work, just make another movie with Bart. You're always good in those... and you make it a family affair (she smiles and nods; this makes her happy)
I mean, look at Samantha Morton; she gets by just fine, and never, ever sells out... and as a result, she beat you in Nate's poll!... and you know he loves you more. (she cracks a giggle, and nods, reassured) You can return to prominence, Juli. I believe in you. Think about what I've said, and we'll meet again after Freedomland comes out. Okay? Okay.

And that's all I have to say to Juli.

Anonymous said...

So...I guess I WAS wrong about Julianne being in the Top 3.

Javier Aldabalde said...

Adam that thing there was A-MA-ZING! It was too damn funny, lol!! And yet so true.... :-(

Nicole Kidman:3 FB noms, 0 award
Kate Winslet - 2 FB noms, 1 award
Patricia Clarkson - 3 FB noms, 0 award
Kirsten Dunst - 1 FB nom, 0 award
Samantha Morton - 2 FB noms, 0 award

i've changed my predictions (but what the hell this is totally impossible to predict! wouldn't be surprised to see Kidman at #3).

adam k. said...

Thanks, Javier! I got so into that, it started to write itself.

I still say Kidman will be #1. For awhile, I thought Nate'd pull a shocker and put Dunst at #1, but I don't think he'd have the nerve to do that now.

Javier Aldabalde said...

yes but we may be underestimating nat's guts, lol...

adam k. said...

Haha. Perhaps.

I've always thought it would be
3) Dunst
2) Winslet
1) Kidman

Show your hand, Nathaniel!

Anonymous said...

Kidman actually has 5 FB noms The Others/Moulin Rouge!, The Hours and Birth/Dogville.

That said, I don't think she'll be number one simply because Nat probably thinks most people will assume she is at number one. I think she's number two.

Anonymous said...

I think Nat is going for a shocker here and is going to give it to none other than.....

1. Patricia Clarkson

and then the rest of the top 5 will probably be:

2. Nicole Kidman
3. Kate Winslet
4. Kirsten Dunst
5. Samantha Morton

Anonymous said...

Plus, didn't Kidman come second in the 2001 FB Awards.

Plus she's one other awards in the fun section. Hell, she got Best Individual Line Reading for Birth!

Oh, and Adam? FUN-NY!


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