Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Other People Like Movies Too

I have a cold and will be healing myself with DVDs and theraflu. So before I shut this here MacDaddy down, here are four reading recommendations to keep you entertained / engrossed / thinking about movies...

Joe Reid (tFE columnist & budding TWoP star) has part one of a series up on his blog. It's a hilarious Fall Preview (in Mid October!). A must read.

Kris and I are something of prognosticating arch-rivals (his prediction rate is better than mine but I get the riskier choices more often because I am a wild man when it's down to the wire...sometimes to my embarrasment. sometimes to my eternal glory [snort] ) but anyway...we play nice in the Oscar sandbox together. And we both understand more about the Oscars than some people who are always babbling about it on television (you know who). His new column at Movie City News examines how little has happened in the Oscar race this year. And for reasons unbeknownst to me he takes yet another shot at my little pet Being Julia while dissing Mrs Henderson Presents... (I like Being Julia more than most)

For some insightful chat about the current crop of cinema (leaning toward the off-Hollywood variety) offerings including The Wayward Cloud and A History of Violence

Kerry has a very personal take on The Squid and the Whale which makes me wish I could see it right now (except for this nasty cold business). I love when people personalize the movies. If you also respond the more personal film reviews, another good one in this vein was The Scene Stealer's August look at Lost in Translation.


Anonymous said...

Still with you on the "Being Julia" love. And yes, with an affectionate and apologetic nod to Imelda, and a raised finger to Swank, I still believe that Annette should've won that golden guy.


Anonymous said...

KATE all the way, people!

Anonymous said...


There's a very short clip from Mrs. Henderson Presents. Click the link and watch in the upper right-hand corner, after there's a clip of some horror flick.

Calum Reed said...

I don't think that Being Julia has a lot to offer as a whole, though Bening is marvellous. I'm for Imelda but only just, and Swank does nothing for me personally.

On the music front, glad to see you're an Antony and the Johnsons fan. I saw them on TV performing 'Hope There's Someone' and it was so beautiful I had to go out and buy the album. I did, and it's excellent. Very unique and emotional.



'hope there's someone' is my favorite track on the CD but the whole thing is great. highly recommended.

i hear they're also doing a song for Transamerica but i don't know if its an original or a track from this record.

Anonymous said...

Antony is one of the few true musical revelations/geniuses that has emerged recently. Not only has he been a fascinating presence on the underground avant-garde NY theatre scene, he's an amazing musician. I mean, when you get Boy George, Rufus Wainright, Devendra Banhart, and Lou Reed all collaborating on your first commercial release, I think maybe you're on to something... If you haven't heard this album go buy it RIGHT NOW!

Anonymous said...

The album's called "I'm A Bird Now" isn't it? I've been hearing fantastical raves about him for ages and saw his CD a few weeks back but didn't have any money to buy it.

He won this big music prize in the UK over people like Coldplay. Pretty good if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

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