Monday, October 17, 2005

Happy Anniversary IMDB

Happy 15th Anniversary to the IMDB. A great resource/service to film fans everywhere and a necessity, like water or oxygen, for people like me. Here's to 15 more. Now, if they could just figure out a way to remove TV from their listings (so you can look at JUST filmographies. Or if they could just figure out a way to include "as himself/herself" in the actual filmography IF it's an actual film role (Being John Malkovich for Malkovich or Irma Vep for Maggie Cheung, f'rinstance) rather than some awards show appearance--than they'd be just about perfect.

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Anonymous said...

15? Wow. I thought it only came around in 1998 or 97 at the earliest. I'd love to see what it was like originally.