Saturday, October 29, 2005

Halloween Countdown...04

04 Halloween (1978)
Well, duh. Of course it would be on the list.

Although I will admit that I just saw it last year. I have this way of avoiding movies that I think will scare me. I am a big wuss. I still haven't seen The Exorcist. I only saw Silence of the Lambs almost a year after it opened because I kept having nightmares about it and figured, 'why the hell not? I'm already having nightmares' The nightmares stopped as soon as I saw it. It wasn't as scary as the nightmares. But Halloween is evil scary. I mean, it's even scary during the daylight hours. That is just... wrong.


Anonymous said...

I'm not one of those rabid Halloween fans, but i do like it. Jamie Lee! But the slasher genre belongs (to me) to the Scream movies. I don't think I have ever anticipated a movie quite as much as Scream 2 and 3. Not one. Ever.


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that doesn't think Halloween is anything all that special, or particularly scary. I think it's aged quite poorly and just doesn't do much for me.

Anonymous said...

Did you see it when you were around 14-16?


Javier Aldabalde said...

Nat, get your ass over to "The Exorcist" right now. The diabolical imagery... wow. And have you seen "Rosemary's Baby"? Polanski = genius.


i have seen Rosemary's Baby and LOVE it. Though it is not on this list.

adam k. said...

Nathaniel! You've NEVER seen The Exorcist!?!?

Netflix it. Get it RIGHT. NOW.

I refuse to read the site anymore until you are available for comment on this film.

OK, that was a lie.

But seriously, have it delivered to you for Halloween. You must. You haven't lived until you've seen Linda Blair's head spin around as she spews vulgar language about her priest's mom. Seriously.