Saturday, October 15, 2005

Samantha Morton

In the Actress of the Aughts Countdown please welcome ... Actress # 5

Previous Film Experience Notes on Samantha Morton
2003 Best Actress Race
Minority Report review
Morvern Callar review
2002 Best Actress Nominee
2001 Line Reading Nominee
2000 Silver Medal: Supporting Actress and Gold: Character Intro


Anonymous said...

I could never understand all this love for Ms. Morton. Now I see what the problem is: I have not watched her greatest performances.
Does anyone in Brazil know if the following films were released or are available on DVD?
Jesus's son;
Morvern Callar.

Thanks for the "must see films".


Anonymous said...

ok so we have kidman, dunst, and who else?

Anonymous said...

winslet and clarkson.

i say it goes 1) kidman, 2) winslet, 3) dunst, 4) clarkson. it's only kidman/winslet i'm not sure about...

Anonymous said...



John T said...

I do love Samantha Morton.

Oh, and I'm starting to wonder if Nathaniel will throw us for a loop and give out Dunst next instead of Clarkson, just to shout out to all character actors everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Much like Marcelo, I have not seen Jesus' Son, Pandaemonium or Morvern Callar. I had Morvern Callar on my DVD list already though!

I think Dunst next purely on the basis that Clarkson is continuously making such great movies and is continuously excellent in them.

I still think it's Kidman for #1. As I said before she is THE actress of the naughts so far. No other actress has a resume quite like hers in these 5 years.


Anonymous said...

at the risk of heresy (it is the FILM experience, after all), i suggest reading Movern Callar before watching the movie - it's, in my opinion, one of the most successful adaptations in recent memory. just my quick 2 cents. I now return you to actress-ranking obsessions. (and I actually KNOW how the list goes from here on out. ha ha!)