Saturday, March 24, 2007

1927 Rocks

Let's begin with a lame apology: I really and truly was looking forward to participating in the 1927 Blog-a-Thon that's going on over at goatdog blog. But I ran out of time. I was racked with indecision, then I made a mistake on my Netflix queue and then the cat ate my homework.

Please do go and read the entries. You'll find great posts on Hollywood's transition to sound, the return of Nick Davis to talk about Chang, 1927 as viewed through the prism of the great classic Singin' in the Rain and a highly enjoyable post about movie stars conceived that year (I know!) and lots more.

I'm missing the silent party, damn. I could've told you about my love for Charles "Buddy" Rogers in Wings (although I already did) I coulda urged you to see any of Janet Gaynor's triple film Oscar win (the first Best Actress winner was actually deserving. Whaddya know? Good job Oscar)

At the last minute I decided I wanted to stage a diva battle between Gloria Swanson in Sadie Thompson and her evil talkie remake counterpart Joan Crawford in Rain . See, even back in the 20s and 30s Hollywood had remake fever (and of things they'd just made no less). That would've been a great post but ---> back to the lame apology up top. This post loops back in on itself.


Anonymous said...

It's too bad you couldn't take part, but need I point out that you already played a big role in the 'thon? It was one of your posts (the one you linked to about Wings) that inspired it.

Arun said...

I'd actually forgotten you waxing lyrical about Charles 'Buddy' Rogers...which is wierd since I'm like the most avid reader of your blog. ever. Seriously, like several times a day (or night, given the time difference). But seriously, the used to be my homepage when I was younger.

Extraordinarily drunk at the moment (just got back from party) but I wanted to thank you for coming to my blog and commenting. I think you should do a 'who'd play you?' post as well? My friends STILL ask who should play other people in my life to this day,

Arun said...

from a I HATE typos