Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Daniel Craig @ Shortbus

Daniel overdresses for his first trip to Shortbus. I'm guessing Justin Bond still lets him in.

The Must Sees
Shortbus, one of 2006's very best films, hits DVD today. If you're old enough (it's unrated) and it skipped your city, now's your chance. Also arriving today is the smash relaunch of the James Bond series with Casino Royale. So you've got a choice: Daniel Craig in a speedo or several adorable unknowns in birthday suits. You've probably seen the Bond flick already so discover those soulful sexual New Yorkers in John Cameron Mitchell's feisty follow-up to Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Or watch the two new releases back to back and maybe you can create some lucid fake memories of Daniel Craig in Shortbus inspired compromising positions.

Does Daniel know the lyrics to the "Star Spangled Banner"? Perhaps he'll just improvise.

New Oscarables on DVD
Bond was ignored (AMPAS is rarely shaken or stirred by Bond) so the only Oscar nominee related DVD release this week is a special edition of Ghost, the tearjerker blockbuster from 1990. Do I remember that single tear falling from Demi Moore's eye because it was a bonafide great movie moment or because the image has been replayed millions of times in movie montages?

Fast Girls
That Diaz & Law / Winslet & Black Christmas romcom The Holiday is already out on DVD, too. It took 3 months and one week. Anyone know what the record is?

After a hard day chasing international criminals, Daniel needs a take-charge woman


Beau said...

Can't wait to buy it. 'Shortbus' that is.
Hoping to catch Brannan in L.A. later on this month when he performs.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I know the answer to this question, but From Justin to Kelly, that American Idol movie, holds the record for fastest release from theaters to home video/DVD. 29 days.

Boyd said...

actually the fastest would be Bubble which was released on the same day in theatres and on DVD... but I guess that doesn't count?!

J.D. said...

That post legimately scares me. LOL.

29 days? Really? That actually doesn't seem possible. FJTK really did suck big time.

But I know Elektra was 2 months, 20 days or about that. God, that sucked. And I didn't even see it!

anything but poetry said...

Love the pics...

And I loved Shortbus, too...