Monday, March 19, 2007

Justice LINK of America

Variety reports that Ellen Burstyn's 14 seconds of screentime Emmy nomination brouhaha (for Mrs. Harris remember?) has resulted in an rule change. Now a perf has to fill up 5% of a show's length to be eligible. In related news StinkyLulu has been calculating supporting actress Oscar nominee running times as he watches them. There is already one 5% in the mix and it's from a great film, too. My guess is the Oscars will never have to follow nitpicky suit with the Emmys here --say what you will about their taste level but they obviously pay more attention to the field of contenders than the voters at the other Academy.
<-- 1st Showing has pics from upcoming Bale/Crowe throwdown 3:10 to Yuma
Strange Culture details several upcoming biographical portrayals. Why should you care? For starters 60% of recent Oscar wins have come from bios.
BuzzSugar watches as false rumors about Gyllenhaal as Captain Marvel take hold. These things spread like wildfire. Why?

And while we're talking heroes, Cinematical has a post up about the cancellation of Superman Returns sequel and the possibility of a Justice League of America movie instead. Mark my words people: this will never happen. DC & Warner Bros are notorious for dragging their feet and wasting money and indecision about their top characters. (Post-Modern Barney and I discussed this in his interview here). So take WB/DC's past history with projects like Wonder Woman & the rebirth of the Batman franchise and the decades it took to get Superman Returns going and now multiply that development hell by all those characters. Imagine the indecision about each character. Every casting worry. Every possible directorial interpretation. Every possible storyline. This project will never happen. No matter how much we might continue to hear about it.


Neel Mehta said...

Also, my Hairspray review is finally up. Spoilery questions are welcomed in the comments.

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, have you received my actress prediction contest e-mail? Please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Doh! I totally substituted "Ellen DeGeneres" when I read "Ellen Burstyn". In my mind I was all: "Has he gone CRAZY? It wasn't Ellen, it was Vanessa Redgrave!!!"

Which it wasn't.

I need coffee.



anonymous --
i have no idea. i would need a name.

rob --make me a cup

Glenn Dunks said...

On one hand Superman Returns was sorta crap. On the other hand, the makers at least know it was sorta crap and so they could fix the problems with the sequel (well, most except Kate Bosworth I suppose).

But, meh. I've never liked Superman as a superhero.

They should make a spinoff with Parker Posey. I'd see that.