Monday, March 12, 2007


I'm Not There, Todd Haynes' upcoming multi-actor Bob Dylan pic already has a fan site with activity and high hopes. Check it out.
popbytes on the new GAP ad starring Claire Danes and Patrick Wilson. The clothes may bore but the commerical is cute.
Gallery of the Absurd -"The Angelina Jolie Hands-Free Child Carrier"
The Gilded Moose is clearing enjoying the Sanjaya phenomenon on AI.
Windmills of my Mind poster pet peeves "misplaced names" hee
Movie Blog Venom pics. I love behind the scenes stuff like this...

There's also a musical heavy new podcast up. We all had Oscar hangovers so we don't talk as much. This one's for showtune lovers only! You know who you are. It's a 'favorite 12 musicals' with four selections each from myself, Gabriel and Ashley.


J.D. said...

I was right!!!!

I kept thinking it was Patrick and Claire in the commercial but was like, "No that can't be." WHEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I love being right.

Anonymous said...

The GAP ad is so so fit! Loving me some Danes-Wilson action. That face Patrick pulls in his close-up - so cute! Could watch this over and over...

Beau said...

I love that Gap ad.
<3 both of them immensely.