Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Links, Episode #228

links for one and all
Defamer Mia Farrow has a pair. She proves it by taking Spielberg to task. Which Defamer reminds us you just don't do in Hollywood.
30 Second Bunnies run both Spider-Mans together. So it's more like a 15 second reenactment this time --they're messin' with the formula!
Nick Schager interviews Laura Dern about INLAND EMPIRE and Year of the Dog

good news for Nick

Cinematical reports that Jane Campion is finally returning to filmmaking. The new film is to be about the love affair between the young controversial poet John Keats (who died @ 25) and his neighbor Fanny Brawne whom he loved. The latter role is looking like prime real estate for Abbie Cornish (she of the sudden casting ubiquity). Campion nearly always provides actors with complex roles. If they're up for it, Oscars (hi Holly Hunter) and/or career best work (hi Kate Winslet) can follow. It's been a good long while since the undervalued Piano auteur had something in movie houses. Looking forward to this one am I.

good news for me
Guardian claims that bloggers are dropping off like flies. mwahhuahua. You know what my stamina is like. I'ma keep on keeping on while my competition eats it. Eventually it'll pay off. It has to, right? Hello? Hello...?


Beau said...

and you wondered why Mia Farrow's never gotten an Oscar nomination. hell, if she's been talking like this for a while, then it's probably cost her more in the past than she'd care to divulge.

Beau said...

but major props to her, though. anyone who's got the cajones to challenge spielgy's wisdom earns my admiration.

Glenn Dunks said...

Surely you got a good laugh, as did I, out of the final paragraph of that blog article.

"Melanie Griffith's last online journal entry was in March 2005. She admits: "As for film work, I have nothing on the horizon right now." So, no excuse for not keeping up the blog, Melanie."

teehee. loves it.

RC said...

i loved the piano.

jane champion's movie could be great.