Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Drinking with Djimon / Cruising with Angie

Today on DVD

The Must See
Lawrence of Arabia. If you've never tackled The Best Picture of 1962 now would be a good time to celebrate Peter O'Toole's mindblowing starmaking performance...

Viewing tip: If you've been meaning to buy a larger screen, now would be the time. The larger the better. I first time I saw Lawrence was on one of the most ginormous screens I've ever experienced (Fox Theater in Detroit, I thank you) Also have food handy. It's long (3 ½ epic hours) and it's cheating to break it up into chunks. I am hardcore on this issue. Don't do it. You may however take a short break at intermission.

What was Oscar Thinking?
Blood Diamond (a five time Oscar nominee *shudder*) is also out for those of you who didn't bother in the theater. Feel free to break this one into chunks. Do not, however, throw popcorn at the screen whenever Jennifer Connelly becomes obnoxious. You will run out of popcorn.

Alcohol might help you make it through the preaching but I do not advise a sure to be popular drinking game wherein one does shots every time Djimon Hounsou runs or screams. That's a sure recipe for alcohol poisoning.

I know some people like this movie so maybe I should say something nice. Um... wait a second... yep. I think I got one: Hilary Swank isn't in it.

Angie Knows From Hot Men
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider AND Lara Croft: The Cradle of Life -This double feature of action movies starring Angelina Jolie, her breasts, and an errant strand of hair are disposable entertainments, sure. But I think it's worth noting that Tomb Raider gave you a wet Daniel Craig before Casino Royale (though not before Love is the Devil) and Cradle of Life brought you a shirtless muscled Gerard Butler before 300. So, that's something.

Djimon Hounsou is also in Cradle of Life but he wasn't Oscar-nominated. Must've been the absence of screaming because I think there's still plenty of running.

Indulge Your Curiousity
Eragon -It's really forgettable and derivative but it's almost worth seeing just so you can mock the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences who actually thought this movie had better visual effects than The Fountain. What a world...
Rocky Balboa -Just in case you've been missing Sly Stallone. Anyone?
The Nativity Story *SPOILER* Mary has a baby. Joseph is not the father.
Come Early Morning -Part two of Ashley Judd's rehabilation as an actress. Part one was De-Lovely. Third time (the charm?) will be Bug


Boyd said...

Your *SPOILER* reminds me of a review of The Passion of the Christ that read something like: *SPOILER* He dies on the cross. *XXL SPOILER SPOILER* He is resurrected shortly afterwards */END SPOILER*. I laughed so hard I had to get my jaw reset (well, almost).

Jason Adams said...

Besides the draw of Angie's hunky male suitors, the second Lara Croft film features an inestimable addition to the film canon in the form of Angelina Jolie punching a shark in the nose. I know my life is richer for having seen it.

Glenn Dunks said...

Homer Simpson on Titanic 2 - "Who knew the ship would sink again?"

Or, the quote goes something like that. It always gets me.

Also, I am waiting until Lawrence of Arabia is shown in a cinema somewhere. THEN I'll see it. They aired it on TV the other week and I was watching a bit of it. It was in full screen and there were so many ads. It went all afternoon! Crazy.

Sid said...

Ugh Nat, Lawrence of Arabia gets my vote for the most overrated film of all time.

Though I must mention two things:
1) I haven't seen it on a big screen and
2) I have the same opinion about every David Lean movie...

So maybe I should try to catch it on a big screen some time. I just dread wasting another 3 and a half hours of my life *sigh*

J.D. said...

Wow, Sid. Very daring and somewhat stupid to question so bluntly a cinema classic. Never seen it. And I shouldn't. The biggest TV we have in my house is 28", and in widescreen it's still micro. I actually think it was playing at a local retro theater a few weeks ago. Oh well.

And Nat, you didn't see The Nativity Story, so... should you even comment on it? I mean, literally EVERYONE IN THE WORLD knows what happens, but it's still surprisingly good. A B+ and to some extent A-. Oscar Isaac, who played Joseph, was very good, but it was a "conventional" film, no daring, no new ideals. But it's probably the perfect family movie by that standard.

Oh, and I finally frickin saw the first Pirates over the weekend. Four words...


And that led me to FINALLy see Dead Man's Chest, and, well...


But that's just me. I nommed it for 7 JMC Awards (mine), including 2 gold wins. I won't say what.

Uh... what else, what else? Oh! No, no. Um... no. That's not suitable for humans, hmm... hm.

And the Lara Croft movies are awesome, yo.

And I'm seeing Blood Diamond today and I expect it to be good, maybe great, but not excellent.

And I think it's universally accepted that Casino Royale is great in more than 7,543 ways.

Why does Jennifer Connelly have an Oscar again? Before this, what was the most she's done since, Dark Water? That's horribly pathetic.

Oh, and, by God, you MUST see 300. It could be the best movie so far this year I've seen. But then again, I've seen 4. And lord knows it's not Hannibal Rising. It could still be Bridge to Terabithia. But what about Zodiac? Wow.

This is getting way too long, isn't it? Well, bye. Bye. I said bye. Goodbye! I SAID GOOD DAY!!!

Boyd said...

I'm with Glenn on Lawrence of Arabia. DVD is a no-no unless you've got the possibility to show it on a huge screen. I've got a fairly big screen at home (say 3 metres wide... how much is that in US?) but still feel I shouldn't buy Lawrence on DVD... some films belong on the BIG screen. 2001 is another.

Anonymous said...

I think "Blood Diamond" is a thrilling, compelling film with great acting - Leonardo DiCaprio is brilliant, as Djimon Hounsou- and oscar winner Jennifer Conelly is not obnoxoius (as Julianne Moore wasn't in Freedomland, too!!!) - ok Conellys role wans't great but I liked her in it and I think the film is great...

Anonymous said...

Hee! Glad to know I'm not the only one who wanted to throw popcorn at Jennifer Connolly during Blood Diamond. I screamed bloody murder when the film was nominated for acting nominations.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember that Blood Diamond caption Nat put up at the end of December? Ms Connelly is sitting surrounded by children. She's saying "and that's how I won my first Oscar" and the girl next to her's thinking "there won't be a second, lady". I saw BD the following week and cracked up in the cinema. Best thing about that movie!

Glenn Dunks said...

I have the same problem with Sid. There are some movies that are deemed as "classics" that I either didn't like or have a casual indifference to. I'd love to want to sit down and watch them again, but if I don't like it again then I've just wasted anywhere between 2 and 3 hours on something I already figured I didn't like.