Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dystopias, Divas, and Drugs

new on DVD

The Must See
Children of Men -The ideal place to see this was on the big screen since it's truly cinematic (t'was frightfully robbed of the cinematography Oscar) but this dystopian vision should still prove potent on your TV. It's strong thematically as well.

Viewing Tip: Turn the sound way up. Keep your cats close by for comfort. And report back if you're just now discovering this fine film (12 FB nominations and 4 gold medals)

Also Worth a Look
Curse of the Golden Flower -Zhang Yimou's follow up to House of the Flying Dagger is a litle less adventurous and operatic --this ones more implosive than explosive --but it's still a visual feast. Zhang Ziyi (an Yimou regular) does not appear. Yimou's original muse Gong Li is back for leading lady duties (praise be). If you like diva performances your heart may go boom.

Drinking game suggestion (for those who want to be very very drunk): A swig every time the Empress gives any of the other characters a dirty look.

Satisfy Your Curiousity
Candy an Australian drama about two drug addicts. For those who've wondered who the hell this Abbie Cornish person is that people keep talking about. And for those who've wondered how Heath Ledger followed up his tour de force as Ennis Del Mar

Relive Your Childhood...
The Brady Bunch: Complete Series ...not that your childhood involved a perfectly gender matched blended family, a cousin named Oliver and a wisecracking maid with a butcher for a beau... but still.

You Could Also Rent:
Happy Feet In case you were wondering if it's as weird as people said. (It is)
Night at the Museum In case you were wondering if all the best laughs were in the trailer.
The Pursuit of Happyness In case you were wondering if Will Smith deserved that Oscar nomination. I think it'd shoulda been James Bond's personally.
Tempest In case you were wondering what Molly Ringwald, Gena Rowlands, Raul Julia, Sam Robards and Susan Sarandon were all up to in 1982.


Beau said...

No 'Early Bergman'?

StinkyLulu said...

I just loved The Tempest when I saw it on cable way back when nobody knew who Molly Ringwald was... I'm a little scared to see it now. One of my first semi-mature "crushes" on a movie...

russtifer said...

Ooh, I had forgotten Children of Men comes out today. Off I go to Target.....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm glad you reminded me its out...I'll have to go buy it. For my money, it was the best movie of last year.

Oh, and I thought Will Smith's performance in Pursuit of Happyness was definitely Oscar nomination worthy. Best Will Smith performance ever. By far.

J.D. said...


You mispelles my wife's name. I must go to the Smash Room.

[loud punches, fast and constant stabbing, machine gun fire and grenade explosion heard in background]

adam k. said...

So is "The Brady Bunch" under dystopias, divas, or drugs?

I think a case could be made for all three.

RC said...

man i feel like abbie cornish is everywhere and appearing in tons of stuff...

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

Marius said...

Happy Feet is weird? How so? Hmm, I'll have to check it out.

Glenn Dunks said...

Marius, it's not THAT weird, but it is sorta bonkers. But that's why it's good. It's really unlike anything else. So happy it won the Oscar, too.

I'm gonna wait a few weeks to buy Children of Men. DVDs are always so ridiculously priced when they first come out and then a month later or so they're cheaper.

Abbie and Heath are great in Candy, even if the film isn't all that.

I need to rewatch The Brady Bunch Movie. That movie is genius.

J.D. said...


Thank you for changing it Nat. Everything is right with the world.

[world explodes] Crap. Not again.

WickedScorp said...

I saw Happy Feet last night and will subsequently be adding it to my Worst of 2006 list as well as my Why CG Animation Needs To Be Stopped list.

The Brady Bunch Movie is great but The Very Brady Sequel is true genius.