Friday, March 23, 2007

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Shooter Mark Wahlberg pulls his trigger. If this movie were an adaptation of Apollonia's 1984 single "Sex Shooter" I woulda camped out to buy a ticket. As it is I can wait for DVD. Moment of interest in the trailer: OMG, Ennis Del Mar's daughter is shacked up with Marky Mark!
TMNT I think you have to be just a smidgeon younger than I am to have this relaunch mean something to your inner child (same goes for the upcoming Transformers).
Pride There's lots of shirtless men but this is not about parades which take place in June. Sorry. Busy great actor Terrance Howard tries his hand at the inspirational sports drama genre. At least the subject is swimming which is something different than the standard trinity: basketball, football and baseball
Reign Over Me Some critics cry "phony" Some critics say "moving" Other than Punch-Drunk Love I haven't been impressed with Sandler as a dramatic actor so I'll wait to absorb the reviews. I guess I should start going to screenings again (what's wrong with me this spring?) Also: I am notoriously prickly about 9/11 based movies so...
The Last Mimzy and now I have officially run out of oomph and am ready to move on from this post... I'll be more thorough in the future (maybe)


J.D. said...

Well, it has 9/11 elements that took place in the past in this. And yeah, six major movies opening today and not one I want to see at all. With the exception of TMNT, but only because of, well, Ziyi is in it. [bangs head against wall many, MANY times]

The Banquet and/or Jasmine Women better get here this year or so help me God...!

J.D. said...

Oh, and by my calculations, I've seen more 2007 so far than you.

You really need to get your tally up. I didn't see my first last year until 4/17, and it was actually 1/15 in '05. This year it was 2/11, which is pretty good considering recent trends. And I didn't see a movie until April because I was still arm deep in 2005 going into July of last year.

Thank god Curse of the Golden Flower is on DVD Thursday. And so is Children of Men, nominated for a Best Picture JMC. I snapped and are releasing all the nominees across today.

And I know how you all don't particularly care. But work with me.

Uh, what else? Hm. I like free speech. And I like Britain. And apparently I like the Dixie Chicks. It is in my Top Ten. Shut Up & Sing.

I'll stop now. :%

Anonymous said...

Unrelated, but they posted the official Stardust trailer on yahoo, since I know Nathaniel's psyched for that one. I have to say my stomach churned at just how completely awful it looked. What a great cast and yet it looks unbearable! The new trailer gets rid of much of the shoddy CGI and Pirates score and replaces it with bountiful amounts of mediocre CGI. Any excitement I had for this one has completely vanished.

Anonymous said...

aww I was excited about Stardust as well...but can't wait for Penelope.

The only movie I want to see this weekend is Shooter...and I will wait to rent it.

Glenn Dunks said...

So, the main reason I'm super psyched about TMNT is because I hope they release a super-duper special edition of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. And maybe even the sequel, The Secret of the Ooze. Man, I was totally all about the ninja turtles.

It's weird seeing it in sort of crappy animation, but 'tev. I'll probably still see it because it's mutant turtles who know ninja. Really.

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh, and also, Mark Wahlberg can star in an adaptation of "Sex Shooter" any day of the week.

"I'm a sex shooter. Shooting love in your direction"

Oh my.

Reel Fanatic said...

Hola Nathaniel ... I think I'll give Marky Mark's movie a chance, but I'm a sucker from time to time for brainless material that just has a lot of stuff getting blowed up .. And a belated thanks for including me in your latest "Friends of Film Experience" post

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised The Namesake, got a B-. I thought it was a very good movie, definately a retun to form for Mira Nair. Maybe my love for the novel had some influence on my viewing experience, but forgetting the book, I still think it holds up really well as a movie.

- Adam Luis

Anonymous said...

hmm, maybe Nat didn't like the Stardust trailer either, since he hasn't posted about it yet, lol.

gabrieloak said...

I saw The Namesake on Friday and found it disappointing. The actors who played the parents were wonderful but all the scenes with Zak Penn and his girlfriends were cliched and the immigrant story was fairly generic. Nair's Monsoon Wedding was more moving, IMO. I think the novel has to be better.

Anonymous said...

The novel is better, but only because it's a contemporary classic.

The immigrant story was different in that it wasn't preach or simplistic. It actually cared to study the psychology of changing worlds.

- Adam Luis