Monday, March 26, 2007

A Very Random Collection O' Links

The Republic of T wonders why author Terry MacMillan can't get her groove back. Terry, if you can't do it for yourself think of Angela Bassett. She could really use another lead role.
Stale Popcorn has a drinking game for Poseidon viewing.
Latino Review serves up an intriguing rumor on a Whatever Happened to Baby Jane inspired future film [src]
Just Jared on Golden Compass footage
Go Fug Yourself has words with Nicole Kidman's hair.
Solace in Cinema loves Sunshine. Will someone remind me again why this film got delayed all the way until December. Does Hollywood just hate me?


Anonymous said...

Oh Nicole. This and a Noah Baumbach film - I do believe you're trying to get back in my good graces.

All I need now is a hot movie with Michelle Pfieffer playing Tallulah Bankhead (a la Catwoman) and I think I'm set for life in regards to films.

Well, that and more Scorsese pictures.

I've got to stop drinking on weekdays.

J.D. said...

Yes, Nat, Hollywood hate you. And me. Whenever the hell I technically start my 16/07 list, Sunshine will certaintly be on it. Damn. And shall I bring up Children of Men? I actually saw the trailer in early October and I said to myself, "I HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE." I was also anticipating that it wasn't going to come to my local theatre, so I was planning it for a bigger local theatre. To my shock, the first weekend this year they released it wide. THANK YOU GOD. I saw it, and it could very well be my Best Picture of 2006. Cuaron is a f*cking genius.

Hollywood Executive: "We must release Wild Hogs and Norbit as early as possible to get our money!!!!!!"
Smart and Lowly Assistant: "What about the Danny Boyle film Sunshine? I saw it advance and it was incredible."
Hollywood Executive: "Incredible, hm? It won't make money. Prolong it till Christmas, at least."
Smart and Lowly Assistant: "[under breath] Greedy bastard."

Anonymous said...

ha ha - Sunshine comes out here next week. And I'm not even that fussed about seeing this one (but, of course, I will).

Glenn Dunks said...

Pfft, y'all should stop complaining. You totally got Norbit two weeks before Australia. OUTRAGE!!!


Totally can't wait for Sunshine. Is it really coming out in December in the US? That's crazy.