Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Link By Any Other Name

CineEuropa Cannes lineup chatter: Wong Kar Wai & other deliciousness
Candy For Breakfast characters so popular they end up titled
Guardian David Thompson writes a very insightful piece on the acting "talent" of Beelzebub. Nick and I were just having this same conversation.
The Evening Class Asian-American filmmaking panel w/ Araki and Moritsugu

and yes... I realize I forgot Warren Beatty's birthday yesterday --of all people for me to forget. Only one of my top 10 fav movie stars ever. The Bening will have my head-- but at least Sunset Gun, MNPP, Movie Maker and TLRHB covered it well in my absence. I should've held a blog-a-thon. Warren doesn't know what a blog-a-thon is but according to Carly he's so vain he'd probably think this blog is about him

Off Cinema
Telegraph Ian McKellen as King Lear tears his clothes off in the storm sequence. Apparently some theatergoers in London are upset to see a naked body. (McKellen is coming to NY's BAM soon with the same production) If you're sitting in the audience of King Lear I would hope that you're a mature adult, so...grow up.
Forgotten Beatitudes "Women always marry their fathers" -funny article about a sick new anti-sex movement. What next?
I Can Has Cheezburger Teenage Mutant Nenja Kitteh (Hee! thx Lulu)


Anonymous said...

He also suggests that the public is not interested in seeing Jodie Foster - she who can commander a 15 million dollar salary and open films despite taking a year or two off between films. She with the career in it's 35th year. I don't know where that's coming from.

J.D. said...

I'd expect you of all people to celebrate, so I thought you'd do something. Oh well. You did it last year I know, so... next year?

Anonymous said...

It's ok, you still have time to celebrate Ewan McGregor's birthday, which is today. ;)

Michael Guillen said...

Thanks for the tip of the hat, Nathaniel. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Warren Beatty was so hot. So, so hot. I still can't believe he's 70!

Anonymous said...

AH! AH!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW, the link to the Guardian article doesn't work. It never has since I've been clicking on it, I just haven't gotten around to mentioning it until today. (Sorry.)

Not that David Thomson hasn't pissed me off in all sorts of ways (praise Nicole in an interview, then shit on her in an essay - make up your mind, would you? His "imaginary biography of Nicole Kidman" was just so incredibly lazy.) But that still makes him kind of interesting, though, that he can pull such a strong reaction from me despite myself. I won't put money in his pocket by buying any of his books but I'll gladly read his articles on the 'net for free. Even if he is rather mean at times.

I must say that based on what I have read Thomson has a very weird relationship to actresses and women in general. That is, he's as obsessed by them as a self-proclaimed actressexual like yourself, Nat, but he also seems a bit embarrassed by that same fact and works mightily hard (methink he doth protest too much) to distance himself from the whole phenomenom of fans and fandom in general. It's as if he deals with it not by celebrating it or accepting it but by looking his nose down at other fans and at the objects of his obsession, to reassure himself he is still better than all that even as he participates in it and makes money from it. The only difference between him and any other fanboy (or fangirl for that matter) is that he's been clever enough to figure out how to make a living off of it.