Friday, March 09, 2007

Friends of the Experience #2

Warm group hug to the generous Lyn, 'Anon in Yorkshire' and Jim in Maryland.

Jim's favorite movie is It's a Wonderful Life and Arden mentioned that she thought my "save nathaniel's life" fundraising post was a very George Bailey moment --so hmmm, cosmic connections. Jim also informs that the film experience is his favorite website. So, you know, this Jim fellow... he has good taste.

Anon in Yorkshire (who you may recall from various comment sections) also contributed and sent me a lovely e-mail the other day about my pet cause of 2006 Marie Antoinette which she very much enjoyed. It was encouraging to read. You know I got the other kind of mail as well about that one.

Lyn hesitates about naming her favorite but surprises herself with the following:
the one I keep coming back to (weirdly enough) is Peter Weir's Master and Commander. I've come round to thinking it's one of the best films so far this decade was well enough reviewed at the time, on rewatching it a few times, it becomes an almost metaphysical / religious experience. (that, and Paul Bettany is so pretty)
I've actually been meaning to see this again myself. Perhaps I undervalued it at the time? Weir's films always seem pretty sturdy don't they? And Paul Bettany is pretty. So so pretty --->

You know who else is pretty? People who give money to struggling writers whose work they enjoy. They're the most beautiful people of all. They're like Paul Newman / Michelle Pfeiffer level gorgeous. And you are that pretty, aren't'cha?

In the comments... which movie do you keep coming back to to your own surprise?


Ben said...

The first time I saw Heights, I was certainly pleased with it and thought it was just fine. The second time I thought it was brilliant and every time I watch it again, it keeps getting more and more nuanced and I am more and more convinced that Elizabeth Banks should be a star by now.

The same goes for Happy Endings, a movie I had a few reservations about the first time I saw it, but with each subsequent viewing has gotten funnier and less-flawed.

Anonymous said...

Master and Commander, actually.

I've come to rank at the top of 2003, even though I had it behind Lost in Translation and Return of the King at the time.

Also, Wonder Boys grows in my estimation on every viewing and would rank it behind only Eternal Sunshine for the decade so far.

"Take a bow, James!" Gets me every time.

Oh, and Paul Bettany would have been my choice for Best Supporting Actor that year. Easy.


i'm still completely perplexed that the film could do so well with AMPAS and still not make room for Bettany.

the Oscars are so whack sometimes.

Michael Parsons said...

Ok. Nathaniel, once I figure out pay pal I will contribute as I read this site everyday and look forward to your comments.

the film I come back to all the time is pretty cheesy and is slightly embarrassing to admit, but it is Music of the Heart. Aside from Meryl, it just is one of those films that doesn't fail to move me by the end. It lifts me up and makes me believe that people can make a difference no matter how small the area the difference is made in.

If I can't work out paypal...anything pretty from Amazon?

RC said...

i always keep coming back to In America & The Station Agent.

Michael C. I too am fond of Wonder Boys and grow in fondness for that too.

Glenn Dunks said...

I was so surprised by how much I liked Master and Commander. Shame that Russell Crowe's performance there was better, in my mind, than the three he was Oscar nommed for.

Lyn said...

Yay for Master and Commander love. I commend you all for your excellent taste!

The Station Agent is another favourite for me.

Anonymous said...

The Annie Hall (Comedy Movie) ,involves a person named Alvy Singer who is a very nervous and intellectual Jewish comedian lives in New York, hates Los Angeles and has fallen in love with Annie. Annie Hall, A charming but insecure young woman who moves to New York from her hometown in Wisconsin, who ideally would like to be a singer.

more to know see it.....


Beau said...

Happens to me more often than I expect. One film recently I thought I'd just leave alone to rot, but stayed in my head more than I care to admit is "little Children". Story is phenomenal, book was astounding, film is deeply flawed. But there's just this... undeniable feeling that somewhere in that celluloid there's a masterpiece, and I just can't seem to get it out of my head.