Thursday, March 22, 2007

That's What I Link About You

ModFab goes and blabs that he talked me into my NY stage debut this weekend in a reading of Charles Ludlum's insane Conquest of the Universe, or When Queens Collide. I warned them that I cannot act. My part is as small as Britney & Lindsay's rehab stints are short...
Cinematical says that "if you go to see a movie in the next couple years, there's a 50% chance Emily Blunt will be in it"
Man With Towel "things you can do when you're dead"
Wit of the Staircase informs that Tim Burton will receive honors at the Venice Film Festival along with (possibly) a sneak at Sweeney Todd. But the way things are going Todd could easily go the way of 2008.
Reel Fanatic more work for Meryl & Cate? A Margaret Thatcher biopic maybe. [that sound is the weeping of Streep & Blanchett's peers who can't seem to get a job, what with these two tireless minxes in the mix]

You didn't ask but my favorite song right this minute is "I Can't Decide" from the Scissor Sisters Ta-Dah CD. Thought I'd share.


Anonymous said...

The part may be small...but there IS, in fact, belly dancing involved. And who wouldn't want to see you belly dance? ;-)

Michael Parsons said...

Well done on the stage debut! My last foray into acting was playing Killer Bob in a homemade production of Laura Palmers diary.

Oh Cate, another biopic!!! She need to do a Kate Winslet and retire for a spell.

Totally agree re: Scissor Sisters! Must say writing the Madge album reviews is impossible, so I would recommend keeping it to movies.


you didn't tell me about the belly dancing!


Anonymous said...

See, you can't blame Blanchett for producers offering her the best parts the way you don't blame Streep.


as soon as Streep starts being miscast i'll start complaining. And it's not like I gave her a pass on The Manchurian Candidate. ugh.

Anonymous said...

It's your opinion that she was miscast in Notes. Many people call it her best performance.

Anonymous said...

Do you believe she's miscast as the younger Thatcher?

But, this is still a rumour.


it's true that it's just a rumor. it just reminded me so much of The Player in that there's only certain names that can ever be mentioned in association with possible casting.

and I'm still trying to wrap my head around how Cate Blanchett became #1. Honestly, I've LOVED a coupld of her performances. I don't dislike her. I just don't get how she ended up in this position. It's not like she "carries" box office hits. And there are several other women with respect and nominations in that age range.

how did she end up the A+ show her the script before you ever dare show it to any others?

i just find it odd is all.

even if you love Blanchett don't you think it a little weird. Usually you have to at least be considered majorly bankable to end up as #1.

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh god, I nearly died when "I Can't Decide" came on the muzak system at the cinema the other week. Like, before the ads and trailers they play music (usually laid back crap like Dido or Missy Higgins) but randomly "I Can't Decide" was on and it was funny seeing the old couple next to us go "what a perculiar song!"